Saltillo accepts deed to roads of Park Ridge subdivision

county_lee_greenBy JB Clark

Daily Journal

SALTILLO – Residents of Park Ridge subdivision might see their streets repaired soon with the Saltillo Board of Aldermen voting unanimously to accept the deed to the roads Tuesday night.

“We’ve been working on this five years now,” said Alderman Scott Knight. “I make a motion we accept the platted streets because we have folks driving through people’s yards to avoid the holes.”

The neighborhood has suffered through problems of poor drainage and deteriorating streets since shortly after its beginning in 2003.

The utilities beneath the streets, which also need repair, were not accepted Tuesday because city officials are still waiting on Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality approval, something they say they’ve been waiting on for a long time.

The previous administration submitted paperwork needed to get MDEQ approval in March 2013 and Mayor Rex Smith said they resubmitted updated forms two weeks ago.

Smith said he spoke with developer and current title holder Fred Collins who has agreed to sign the warranty deed giving the city the streets.

When Collins received approval to build Park Ridge in 2003, he was required to post a $24,000 certificate of deposit to the city to ensure the infrastructure was properly built, but the certificate will cover less than one-third of the cost of fixing the subdivision’s infrastructure problem. New policies have been put in place since then to make sure the city doesn’t get stuck with insufficient infrastructure when accepting future developments.

The city previously put aside $59,000 for repairs in the subdivision in addition to the $24,000 bond, some of which has been used to pay operational costs on the subdivision’s sewer pump.

When Public Works Director Richard Feist estimated costs for road and sewage repairs in early 2013, the price came in around $84,000, but he said that price is likely different a year later.

City officials hope to accept dedication of the subdivision’s sewer system in coming weeks.

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