Saltillo board passes 2013-14 budget

Lee County StockSALTILLO – The Saltillo Board of Alderman unanimously voted to pass the balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2014 on Tuesday night.

The $4,951,573 budget is similar to last year but with $10,000 less in the general fund.

The lower general fund balance will read as a $2,000 increase in the budget since the new budget doesn’t include a $12,000 grant received by the Saltillo Police Department in the current fiscal year.

Saltillo Mayor Rex Smith said the small increase is due to a small projected increase in ad valorem and sales tax collections.

The water and sewer budget is $46,000 higher to reflect the city’s recent 4 percent increase in water and sewer rates. The budget also includes this year’s portion of the seven-year improvement plan for the water and sewer system.

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