Saltillo board reinstates one officer, terminates other

SALTILLO – The Board of Aldermen reinstated one of the city’s two suspended police officers Wednesday night and terminated the other.

Arch Bullard said a name clearing hearing was held to allow the board to clear up some things said by previous Mayor Bill Williams about his two clients.

Bullard said the mayor told media outlets that there was a dangerous and volatile situation that was going to occur at court leading to the suspension of three officers, one of which was reinstate two weeks ago.

“The chief of police and judge were called to say that there was no issue or problem,” Bullard said.

Officer Mark Roberts was reinstated to the Saltillo Police Department and Assistant Chief Prentiss Brown was terminated by the board.

Bullard said they didn’t give reason for either after meeting in executive session. The hearing went from 6 p.m. Wednesday until about 12:15 a.m.

“I’m very proud that they listened to the information and saw there was no grounds for terminating Mark Roberts,” he said. “I’m disappointed they chose not to reinstate Prentiss Brown.”

Mayor Rex Smith and members of the board of aldermen have not yet returned phone calls.

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