Saltillo hosts cleanup day Friday at City Hall

Daily Journal

SALTILLO – It's deep cleaning time here.

If you have something you can drag to City Hall and you're a Saltillo resident, then beginning 7 a.m. Friday, you can toss your trash. The dumping will continue through 7 p.m. April 9.

The city planning and development director, Robby Sandlin, came up with the idea of a spring-cleaning project.

“Property maintenance in the city is slacking,” he said recently. “We thought we would have this monthlong cleaning project to get everyone in compliance at no cost to them.”

Two bins behind City Hall on Mobile Street will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. each day, except Sunday, according to Sandlin.

Saltillo residents must get a permit from City Hall before they can dump their trash. “They will have to give their address, because this is only for Saltillo citizens,” Sandlin said.

Once people receive their permits, they can pull around back to the bins. Someone will be there to help them and check their permit, Sandlin said.

At least one alderman, Beverly Bedford, looks forward to Friday. “Do you take old washing machines?” she asked Sandlin during a recent city meeting. “I'm going to bring my old washing machine. It's worn out.”

Indeed, the city will take just about anything. The exceptions are paints, chemicals, pesticides, liquids and batteries, according to regulations.

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