Saltillo offers amnesty days on fines

By JB Clark/NEMS Daily Journal

SALTILLO – Police Chief Steve Brooks is giving anyone with outstanding fines and tickets a second chance this month in an effort to bolster court revenue and clear up warrants.
“We have $300,000 in outstanding fines and that is a lot to a small community that needs the tax dollars,” Brooks said. “Starting March 1, we are going to serve as many warrants as we can, but if you come in before and talk to me or our court clerk, we will work with you to lower payments and clear up fines.”
Brooks said the city has a work program that allows those who can’t afford to pay back a fine to work for the city to pay their debt.
“If the judge worked out a plan to pay $100 each month and that’s too much, we’ll see if we can reduce it to $50 so we can get it paid and off the books,” Brooks said. “If they don’t come in, and we find them though, they’ll go to jail and have to pay warrant fees.”
Brooks said anyone with unpaid fines and tickets can come in for the rest of February to work out a payment plan and settle debts.
“If you owe the city a fine, come speak to us, and we’ll work something,” Brooks said.