Saltillo to see small increase on water bill

Lee County StockBy JB Clark
Daily Journal

SALTILLO – Water and sewer customers in Saltillo can expect to see a slight increase in their bill beginning in October.

The Saltillo Board of Aldermen this week approved a 4 percent increase in water and sewer rates.

The increase will help cover material costs for the city’s water rehabilitation plan.

“We’ve got two sections of the plan done and are now working on the third section,” said Richard Feist, Saltillo’s public works director. “With the increase we will be able to do it in this budget year instead of having to wait for the next budget year.”

The seven-part plan to update sewer lines and increase six-inch water mains to 12 inches would have had to skip this budget year without the rate increase due to increased material cost.

The city’s minimum water bill – for 2,000 or fewer gallons – is $9.27. It will go up to $9.64 in October. The minimum sewer bill of $11.66 will become $12.13. The total minimum increase for both combined is 84 cents.

Overage charges will go from $3.68 per extra thousand gallons used to $3.83, a 15-cent increase per thousand gallons.

Customers who live outside the city limits will see their minimum water bill go from $12.36 to $12.85, a 49-cent increase. Overages for customers outside the city are the same as inside the city.

The last water bill increase was more than a year ago when water went up 3 percent, sewer 6 percent and overages 5 percent.

Customers will not see an increase on their yard meter rates. Yard meters are usually used for customers who have pools or irrigation systems. Since water used in pools and lawns doesn’t go back into the sewer system, yard meters charge for water but not sewer.

“There are three or four months those yard meters aren’t used and they still pay the minimums,” said Alderman Scott Knight. “This actually will help on the months they aren’t using it.”


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