Saltillo worker gets state award

SALTILLO – Being nominated for Flood Plain Manager of the Year was an honor for Brian Grisham, but being named the winner by his peers was a testament to his hard work.
Grisham, Saltillo’s flood plain manager, was awarded the honor at this year’s Association of Flood Plain Managers of Mississippi held in Tunica. Because of another engagement, Grisham was not at the convention to receive the honor so MEMA State Flood Plain Coordinator Al Goodman brought it to him.
“It’s just an honor to win this because it shows that people are noticing the good work that I do,” said Grisham. “We work very hard to make sure everything is up to standards here and winning this award shows it.”
There are 305 flood plain managers in the state, according to Stacey Ricks. Ricks, the Northeast Mississippi area flood plain management specialist, nominated Grisham for the award.
“Flood plain management is very important for the citizens of each town,” Ricks said. “For a community to be covered by the National Flood Insurance Program, it has to have a flood plain manager who knows his job and Brian fits that criteria.”
Ricks said when a community opts to enter the NFIP it makes their flood insurance available at a nominal rate.
Mayor Bill Williams said a lot of problems with development took place in the town because it didn’t have a flood plain manager prior to 2005. Some subdivisions were built in flood plains, something Williams said Grisham works hard to prevent.
“Brian’s job is very important for future developments in Saltillo,” said Williams. “We won’t allow developers to put property in flood plains like has happened in the past. We want to protect the citizens and make sure they can get flood coverage.
“Brian has the certification, education and the experience to make sure that things are done properly and that’s why he won this award from his peers.”
Award or not, Grisham said he takes pride in his job.
“It’s a job I enjoy doing and it helps the people in Saltillo,” said Grisham.

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