Same-sex couple to seek marriage license in Lee County

Lee County StockBy JB Clark/Daily Journal

TUPELO – A same-sex couple from Lee County will apply for a marriage license this morning at the Lee County Courthouse as a part of a call for equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Mississippians.

“We’re not doing a mass rally filled with sign waving and chanting,” said Aaron Sarver, communications director for the Campaign for Southern Equality. “The group will be quiet and respectful. They’ll go in and apply and know they will be denied.”

Mississippi law prohibits marriage between people of the same gender, and the state’s voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment in 2004 defining marriage as between one man and one woman. The state also refuses to recognize a legal same-sex marriage from another state.

Sarver said the couple is applying so that the application will become public record in Lee County. Similar attempts have been made in several other Mississippi counties.

As a part of a call for legal rights in Mississippi, the Campaign for Southern Equality will provide a free legal clinic for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people at the Link Centre Thursday night.

The clinic will give attendees an opportunity to fill out a Mississippi Advanced Health-Care Directive and provide information about how they can protect their rights under current Mississippi law.

Sarver said they will compile a list of attorneys who are LGBT friendly.

The Tupelo-based American Family Association, a staunch opponent of gay marriage, released a statement Wednesday critical of the Campaign for Southern Equality’s plan to push for legal recognition of same-sex marriage in Mississippi and other states.

“We believe there should be respect shown for the democratic process of a constitutional referendum in our country and in every state,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “The fact that these groups think they can simply convince judges to overturn what has already been voted into law clearly demonstrates a flagrant disrespect for the democratic process.”

This demonstration comes less than a month after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down section three of the Defense of Marriage act so that the federal government will now recognize any legal same-sex marriage. The ruling did not require states to legalize or recognize gay marriage.

  • the_rocket

    Awesome! Start at the bottom and work your way out.
    Hang in there, Arron Sarver! It’ll get worse before it gets better, but its gonna get better! Even that little hate breeder Tim Wildemon can’t ignore the Supreme Court.
    Fight The Power!

  • Mikefromms

    As a Christian, I don’t believe in a man marrying a man or woman marrying a woman. Such should not be mentioned in the Tupelo Newspaper. I hope others will stand against this abomination. I hope I still have the right to speak the truth. Sad day in Mississippi. No, I will not get over it.

    • Bertholomew Stare

      Mike, you know what is really ironic? You don’t realize that you have already lost the fight. The older generation is dying out, church attendance is at an all time low, dry counties are becoming wet counties, gays are already married in a few states, marijuana is now legal in 2 states, a black man is the president, and science continues to become the fastest growing ‘religion’.

      • bhb


        Please don’t lump all forms of conserativism together as a collective evil that is to be eradicated. Although religions have been manipulated by majorities to support inhumane ideals, we can’t in our right minds denigrate religion itself. I am an agnostic, but I understand that religion, like the arts, is necessary and warranted as science alone can’t validate the human condition. However we change and whatever becomes the prevailing point of view, rest assured a different-but-same majority will corrupt it to suit the same inhumane ideals. The first steps toward this are overgeneralization and close-mindedness. Don’t become the thing you are so adamantly against. That’s irony.

    • JasonJones

      Mike, it appears that the Daily Journal is simply reporting what’s happening, not issuing an opinion on the matter. If a couple of guys who love each other applying for a marriage license shouldn’t be reported, then neither should murders, burglaries, etc. be reported.

    • 1941641

      Mike, did you not know that Heterosexual couples sleep at the wrong end of their beds on certain nights?

  • Bertholomew Stare

    Tim Wildmon is just an apple that fell right beside the trunk of his father’s bigotry tree. His quote says that we should honor the laws and democratic process. I hope he understands that many times the laws of this country have had to be re-written because of basic human rights.

    Just off the top of my head, our laws once allowed slavery, and denied voting rights to women. Giving equal rights to gays is just common human decency, but I shouldn’t expect human decency out of a group that is the only Christian organization listed on the Southern Poverty Law Website as a habitual offender, thus they are legally recognized as a hate group.

    American Family Association is the Westboro Baptist of the state of Mississippi. They are an embarassment and a black eye for Christians everywhere.

    Link to their status as a hate group:

  • 1941641

    My concern is: Gay Tupeloans pay taxes in Tupelo to support the functions of the city and county the same as the heterosexual and bisexual crowd. Tim Wildmon’s AFA is tax-exempt/tax-subsidized, religious(?) organization headquartered in Tupelo. How can it be RIGHT for Tim and Don Wildmon to campaign relentlessly against their fellow-Tupeloans? Are they (AFA) supporting their share of the expenses for operating a designated hate group in Tupelo’s town limits? Just concerned.

    • Bertholomew Stare

      These economic leeches also organize boycotts of businesses that have a huge local presence such as Home Depot. The boycotts are always ineffective, but the fact that they could impact your neighbor’s job status is kinda soulless if you ask me.

      AFA does NOTHING for the Lee county area except provide a place for bigots to be employed tax free.

  • Zola

    Love won’t be denied!

  • SaltilloFarmer

    If queers and lesbos want to get married, go to a state where it is legal. It is not legal in Miss and never will be.
    Come on people, wake up, this is not Cal. or NY , where tyey have NO MORALS !!!!!!

    • Bertholomew Stare

      This cannot be a real person……nevermind………
      I guess Don Wildmon managed to get his jurassic fingers onto a keyboard.