Scammers target TW&L customers

TUPELO – Scam artists are targeting customers of Tupelo Water and Light, according to utility officials.
TW&L manager Lynn Fair said that in the past two days, two different business customers have received phone calls from someone claiming to represent TW&L.
The scammer told the customers that they forgot to sign their checks when they paid their bill and if they didn’t sign immediately, their checks would be pulled and their service terminated.
Then the scammer offered the customers the option of paying the bill with a credit card over the phone.
“We have had this happen two of our customers,” said Fair. “One of them was going to pay over the phone but luckily her husband overheard the conversation and stopped her from giving her credit card information out over the phone.
“When they came in we made them aware that it was not Tupelo Water and Light that contacted them.”
Fair said TW&L does not accept payments over the phone. Because most businesses pay their electric bill with a check, Fair suspects that the scam artist made the calls randomly.
If customers forget to sign their checks, TW&L will call them but will ask only that they go to the office and sign them.
Tupelo Police Detective Capt. Chuck Bunn said this type of scam is designed to get information from its victims.
“Just don’t give out personal information of any kind over the phone,” said Bunn. “Unfortunately there are people out there who are trying to take advantage of honest people and they will definitely do it if given the chance.”

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