1 dead in school bus-car collision in Lee County


Daily Journal

A 75-year-old Eggville community man died Wednesday when his car collided with a school bus on County Road 1498 near County Road 1766.

James Turner’s car collided head-on with a Mooreville school bus around 3 p.m., which was empty except for the driver. It was en route to pick up kids. Lee County School Superintendent Jimmy Weeks said the bus driver was OK and the bus was damaged.

“By all accounts I’ve heard, the bus driver did all he could to stop the bus and miss the car, but where they were, there was a steep hill and a low shoulder, and there wasn’t anywhere for the driver to go,” Weeks said.

A spare bus and substitute driver were used to transport the kids home.

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  • Sondra Henderson

    I am not surprised.. The bus driver in my area drives like a maniac… Ive reported it to the school and nothing gets done.. He’s been driving like this for three years that I have seen. I am glad I don’t have children on that bus!!!!!

  • barney fife

    Sure … put the blame on the bus driver.
    Was the old dude wearing his seat restraints? Was he paying attention … or lighting a cigarette … drinking coffee or swatting a fly?