SEC MEETINGS: Oversigning – Ole Miss-MSU: Unity in one camp, flexibility, listening in other

From the point that football oversigning began to pick up steam as a Destin issue, Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt and his athletics director Pete Boone have been in lock step with their comments.

Both support a small amount of managed oversigning that protects the interests of the prospects.

From the Mississippi State perspective, coach Dan Mullen and AD Scott Stricklin are not divided, per se, but Stricklin seems less inclined to embrace oversigning than Mullen. Neither are waving a flag for it, but Mullen said he favors the status quo of the league allowing 28 signees, three over the NCAA limit of 25 scholarships per class.

Mullen: “I like 28, but I understand everyone’s concern. We try to comply with it and do things the right way up front.”

Stricklin: “It’s important that we send the right message when we come out of here. I’m not positive that allowing oversigning sends the right message.”

Stricklin also pointed out there’s plenty of discussion still to be had here, and that changes to the calendar – the exact dates that signees would count toward the limit of 25 – could make a big impact in any approved proposal.

“Coaches want as much flexibility as they can get. I get that too. There are a lot of conversations still to be had this week. I might hear a proposal that ends at 28 but has some other things in it that makes it workable,” Stricklin said.

In advance of Destin, Nutt talked about his desire to “fight” to keep the allowable signees at 28.

Mullen has been more resigned to “whatever will be will be.”

“We’ll make it work. Because of the way we’ve done things, I don’t see the rule impacting our program much one way or the other,” he said.

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