Second officer identified, UPDATED with person of interest

person of interestUPDATE
Investigators released this image late Tuesday of a “person of interest.” His name is not known. Authorities ask anyone who can identify this person to call Crime Stoppers of Northeast Mississippi at 1.800.773.8477

Joseph Maher, 27, of the Tupelo Police Department

Joseph Maher, 27, of the Tupelo Police Department


Tupelo Police Chief Bart Aguirre speaks at Tuesday's press conference.

Tupelo Police Chief Bart Aguirre speaks at Tuesday’s press conference.









Daily Journal

Several law enforcement agencies gathered at 6 p.m. tonight to announce new information in the case. They announced various agencies and businesses have offered up more reward money, totaling $162,500 for information leading to an arrest related to an armed robbery Monday Monday and shootings of two Tupelo police officers, one remaining in hospital care and other died.

TPD Chief Bart Aguirre announced the second officer involved in the shooting is a five-year veteran of the force, Joseph Maher, 27. His condition has improved, the chief said.

In an effort to reach out to those who may have seen something or know something about the incident, law enforcement will be advertising on billboards around the area by showing pictures and more of the case.

The FBI kicks off the press conference Tuesday night.

The FBI kicks off the press conference Tuesday night.

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  • aaron

    I sometimes think that tupelo enjoys having the feds do the job of the police and sheriff’s department. I did get a kick out of watching the press conference last night. how Carolyn green was right there as if she holds a higher office than everyone else. she pronounces people dead but seems to love the spotlight ever since the mays case and going on about the counseling services that SHE provides. the holidays always brings a higher risk of robberies and one would think that the police and sheriff’s office would do a little more patrolling. I work at the mall and I have yet to see a cop car late at night when the stores close when there are large amounts of money at night. I haven’t seen one cop in my store to even make any kind of presence. tupelo loves the spotlight no matter how it comes, but will protect it’s own when it needs to. such as bain, the drug dealing pharmacist who got special treatment by the police. a sleazebag ambulance chasing lawyer who wormed his way into office. a state rep who openly bragged about cheating the families of deceased out of money, with sick skeletons in his closet. yes, tupelo loves having attention no matter at what cost.

    • Guest

      Maybe you should leave the city you so disdainfully despise and make your own perfect utopian village and run for mayor. Disgracing Tupelo and a fallen officer is less than respectful and only shows your personal ignorance.

    • Jeff

      Aaron you are really in need of some mental help. to make a comment at a time like this shows deep seated mental hate and anger issues. Your show lack of control of your mind
      hate and anger that is concerning. To all who read what you just wrote. It amazes me that you would write something as disturbing as what you just did. You really should think of what is beneath your hate and anger. This is from one who treats those with these kinds of issues. Seek help, I’m concerned for those who are near and close to you and yourself. To what your are capable of. First and foremost find what is beneath these kinds of comments, to cause you to write like this on social media sites like this. Just concerned<<

      • aaron

        boo hoo jeff. I watched some of the footage of the crime scene and it’s like all others. the police just standing around talking and playing on their phones. I saw one officer, just standing there chatting just like he did at the scene of the semi that was left unattended, that rolled downhill killing a woman and child. officer wiggington needs to at least look busy instead of being filmed smiling at crime scenes where people have died. you don’t like what I have to say jeff, then change the constitution.

  • Americasgone

    So sorry the officers were shot! This is more proof that blacks need to be wiped off the face of the earth.

    • Thile

      Yes, we get your point: Extreme racism leads to extremely moronic postings. Your comment illustrates this starkly. In black and white, one might say.

      Do your job, mods.