Selected Projects in Parks-Rec Plan*

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Selected Projects in Parks-Rec Plan*


Ballard Park: Three soccer fields, parking, road, etc. ($1 million).

Veterans Park: Baseball-softball complex, lakes, parking, additional site preparation, etc. ($678,000).

Haven Acres: Preparation, playground, pavilion, trails, lighting, etc. ($60,000).

Rob Leake Park: Four tennis courts, renovate pool building ($137,000).


Ballard Park: Replace playground, concession-restrooms, drainage ($130,000).

Veterans Park: Tennis courts, picnic areas, pavilions, gates-fencing ($110,000).

Gum Tree Park: Hard surface basketball-tennis courts ($50,000).

Robins Field Park: Entrance, historical signs, gazebo ($25,000).


Ballard Park: Stadium, meeting room ($108,000).

Veterans Park: Activities center, museum, wetlands-boardwalk ($1.5 million).

Rankin Park: Replace play structure ($15,000).

Theron Nichols Park: Hard surface courts, extend trail, renovate playground ($63,000).

* Examples. Plan calls for more than 100 projects at more than 20 planned or existing parks. Timetable subject to change as needs change.

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