Senate confirms Wright as state superintendent



By Jeff Amy

Associated Press

JACKSON – State senators have confirmed Carey Wright as Mississippi’s state superintendent of education.

Senators voted 46-6 for Wright Tuesday after a brief debate.

Opponents say they’re concerned about Wright’s advocacy of Common Core state standards, publicly-funded prekindergarten education and whether her values line up with Mississippi.

Senate Education Committee Chairman Gray Tollison, an Oxford Republican, says Wright brings experience in high-performing school districts and a “no nonsense” approach to improving student achievement.

A former school administrator in Washington, D.C., and Maryland, Wright was named to lead the Mississippi Department of Education in November. The state Board of Education voted to hire Wright after interviewing her and four other candidates.

Wright, the first woman to serve permanently as state superintendent in Mississippi, is making $300,000 a year.

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  • Thile

    That “brief debate” from the Conservative Coalition was reason #1 why education in the state is in the toilet. Apparently, Wright isn’t “conservative enough” for them. Michael Watson (R-Mars/Pascagoula) said the state has a value system that we value and cherish in our state. Is that value system a culture of backwardness and electing simpletons to the legislature?

    $305K for a gig prior to retirement is pretty sweet, though.

  • charlie

    It’s a shame that the politicians hire a $300,000 expert in education, then not let her run education in the state. They might as well hire a minimum wage person as a “what ever you say, Boss” to be a figure head.