Senate OKs adding ‘In God We Trust’ to seal

djournal-state-news-mississippiBy Emily Wagster Pettus

Associated Press

JACKSON – The Mississippi Senate has voted to add “In God We Trust” to the state seal, as requested by Republican Gov. Phil Bryant.

Currently, it has an eagle and the words, “The Great Seal of the State of Mississippi” without a slogan.

Senate Bill 2681 passed the Senate on Friday and moves to the House.

The bill is called the “Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” and it says government may not burden a person’s right to practice religion.

Its chief sponsor, Republican Sen. Phillip Gandy of Waynesboro, is a Baptist minister. He says he’s heard no examples of Mississippi government trying to limit religion, but he’s talked to some Christians who are concerned.

Some senators pointed out that the U.S. Constitution already guarantees freedom of religion.

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  • FrereJocques

    Mississippi is at the bottom of every “worst case” list in this country, and this is what the Legislature spends its time on. It just goes to show the power that the fundamentalist backwoods preachers in this State wields over the people and the government.

    Mississippi will never amount to a hill of beans as long as these people are in control.

  • barney fife

    Phundie Phil is at it again. Leave your religion at home, Phundie. There is no shortage of topics much more worthy of a state governor’s efforts than what’s printed on the state seal.
    When is election day?


    I’m really not that concerned about the slogan itself but the intent behind adding it at this stage of the game. Don’t you think this makes for divisive fodder in an election year? I can’t and won’t speak for God but I don’t like to be patronized, I can’t imagine the supreme being does either.

  • Jack Makokov

    So, to make room for “In God we Trust,” they’d have to remove “Virtute et Arm is” from the state seal. GET THESE GUN-GRABBIN RINOS OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!111!!!!1!1! ALERT THE NRA AND FOX NEWS!1!1!1!! MORON LABEL!!! SHOUTY THINGS!!!!! #TCOT!!!!