SHEENA BARNETT: Music, online groups growing

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

If you dream it, they will come? Well, not quite, not yet, but it’s happening. I dream an awful lot, and most of the time my dreams are nonsensical or nightmare-ish.
I mean, just last week I dreamed I entered a beauty pageant as Gladys Knight.
But about two months ago, I had a dream that actually helped me here at work.
I dreamed I was going through a stack of concert and event announcements, and one in particular caught my eye. It featured the cover of the new Spoon record, “Transference,” and said a group of music lovers were getting together to talk about the album. Any other music fans were welcome to join in on the conversation.
“Oh,” I thought to myself, “I’d love to go to that. I love Spoon.”
And then I woke up.
OK, that’s not a very exciting dream, but it gave me an idea: Why couldn’t there be album clubs, like book clubs? You pick an album to listen to for a month, and then you get together to talk about it. I have no doubt these clubs already exist, but the idea had never occurred to me before that dream.
I threw out the idea on Twitter and received a host of positive responses, and decided to form the group. With a little help from my friends, the album club had its first meeting last month. We decided to listen to the new Peter Gabriel covers record, “Scratch My Back.” We got together, talked, debated cover songs, and overall, had a good time.
We had so much fun we’re meeting again next week.
The record we chose for the second meeting is a little more out there. It’s “Fantasy Memorial” by Dinosaur Feathers, a band out of Brooklyn. I heard its song “I Ni Sogoma” on a couple of music podcasts and wanted to hear more, so I suggested it as an Album Club record.
If you dig the summery, folky sounds of groups like The Beach Boys and Fleet Foxes, you’ll surely like Dinosaur Feathers. Actually, even if you don’t like those bands, you may still dig the Feathers. My best friend doesn’t like either of those groups but enjoys Dinosaur Feathers.
So, get the record, and join us at JoeJoe’s Espresso in Tupelo on May 20 at 3 p.m., where we’ll talk about the record. If you don’t want to give the band a try, come on down anyway and talk music.
If music isn’t your thing, I’ve got another group.
At the end of each month, a group of Twitterers, Facebook users and bloggers gather for what we call Social Hour. It’s an hour-long get-together to meet North Mississippi social networkers and talk about trends and issues we have with our online lives.
Social Hour group meet-ups are at the end of every month and have been at noon on Wednesdays at JoeJoe’s.
Look for the next meet-up date on my Twitter account at, or on
The group meet-ups, for both online and music, have been so much fun. I’ve met a ton of awesome folks, and heard a thousand different ideas.
As they say on “The Price is Right,” come on down.
Sheena Barnett is an entertainwriter. Contact her at or (662) 678-1580.