Shelton announces nominees for Tupelo departments

Tupelo StockBy Robbie Ward

Daily Journal

TUPELO – Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton named his nominees for department head positions today, including the town of Sherman’s current mayor as in-house city attorney.

Five new faces will be among the 14 department heads Shelton will propose at next week’s City Council meeting, including a new police chief, chief operations officer, city judge, in-house attorney and interim parks and recreation director.

Ben Logan, nominee for city attorney and current mayor of Sherman, has strong ties to Tupelo and a connection to Shelton. When Logan ran for mayor of Tupelo, losing to Jack Marshall, Shelton volunteered for Logan’s campaign.

For police chief, Shelton nominated current police captain Steven “Bart” Aguirre. Current police chief Tony Carleton announced on Monday his plans to retire next month.

Here’s the full list of nominees:

Johnny Timmons – Water & Light

Lynn Norris – Chief Financial Officer

Neal McCoy – Director of Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Don Lewis – Chief Operations Officer

Bart Aguirre – Police Chief

Alex Farned – Interim Parks & Recreation Director

Thomas Walker – Fire Chief

BJ Teal – Director of Developmental Services

Chuck Williams – Interim Public Works Director (already appointed)

Kim Hanna – City Clerk

Cassandra Moore – Personnel Director

Ben Logan – In-house Attorney

Jay Weir – City Judge

Willie Allen – City Judge

Richard Babb – City Prosecutor

Check back online and view tomorrow’s edition of the Daily Journal for updates.

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  • Sara M.

    How can you possibly keep BJ TEAL? That is a travesty and an insult to the citizens of Tupelo.

    • chris

      what’s wrong with bj teal?

  • E=mc2

    Great choice Ben Logan

  • chris

    I figured it wouldn’t be long before Shelton started getting his buddies into the fabric of city government. no one will ever question his relationships with those he’s trying to weasel into jobs. Carleton was not a decent police chief but there’s others who should not be in law enforcement either. Aguirre is one of those who should not have such power. Shelton’s buddy to be in house council and hold another high up position? sure council, let him have it. I bet in a few years Shelton will be indicted on fraud and influence charges because of what’s going on. he’s a sleazebag ambulance chasing bottom feeding attorney who wormed his way into office. going on about the prostitution that went on at the Jackson street apartments…prostitution goes on at the rodeway inn too. why hasn’t there been anything done about that?

  • The-Facts

    Jack Reed did the same thing. Don’t forget Robert Hall!!!!!!!!!!!! The deal that made Tony Carleton Chief

    • chris

      Reed just paid his way in. Wasted millions for nothing and started the movement to rid the city of all the poor people. Something that Shelton is continuing.

  • Amanda

    Let me get this right. He did not ask for Carleton’s resignation, but it took him less than 24 hours to come up with a name for an extremely important position. Either (1) He had this planned the whole time, or (2) he just drew a name out of a hat to fill the position. Cronie Politics at its best.

  • cindirutledgeparker

    Good grief! You people would fuss no matter who he put in office. He gave Carleton the opportunity to resign. So what?! He’s putting in people he knows and can trust. You would do the same thing. Get a life. Chris, since you know so much about this city you should run for mayor and do something about it.

    • chris

      Why don’t you sweetie? Just because he can trust them doesn’t mean the sheep of Tupelo can trust whoever he is paid off to get into office. He’s a crooked lawyer, no different than Langston and Scruggs. I’m sure you would trust a doctor with thousands of complaints just because your friend said that he was the best.

      • cindirutledgeparker

        I love Joey Langston. My husband was his pilot. One of the nicest men I have known. Got caught up in the good old boy system. So what. Have you ever done anything underhanded? Have you ever made a mistake. Throw the first stone, sir.