Shelton proposes municipal court revamp



By Dennis Seid

Daily Journal

TUPELO – Mayor Jason Shelton seeks to reorganize Tupelo Municipal Court, as Larry Montgomery retires July 1 as its director.

Montgomery, a captain with the Tupelo Police Department, is listed as director and clerk of the court on the current organizational chart.

John Knight oversees warrants and bailiffs, while Rhonda Cole is chief deputy clerk.

Under the reorganization, Knight would be promoted to court administrator and chief bailiff, while Cole would be elevated to clerk of the court.

In addition, an executive assistant to the court would work for the court’s judges, as well as the court administrator.

Sally Williams, the mayor’s executive assistant, has been recommended for the role.

Shelton presented his plan at Tuesday’s City Council work session.

“The Tupelo Municipal Court is one of the most efficient courts in the country, and most of this is because of the strength of leadership of Captain Montgomery and his ability to perform many functions,” Shelton said.

“The new organizational chart will maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of the court.”

Knight and Cole will be given more responsibilities and higher pay, but Shelton said the moves would save the city about $2,000 annually. The savings comes from the difference in the pay that Montgomery received and the lower salary that will be paid to the mayor’s new executive assistant, who has not been named.

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  • harryblah

    never seen a mayor with his hand in every single aspect of the city. just because the mayor is an ambulance chasing lawyer doesn’t mean he can do what he wants with the court system. all this activity reminds me of the ex Detroit mayor now federal prisoner Kwame Kilpatrick’s doings.