Sherman school alumni seeking pavilion to be built for golden year reunion plans

By Regina Butler/Pontotoc Progress

Come next year, the Sherman school will be closed for 50 years and members of the classes who attended this small school would like to move their reunion back to the school grounds.

Speaking on behalf of the group, alumni member Diane Rodgers said that since 2009 the school reunion has been held at Cravin’ Catfish.

“We simply out grew the library,” she said. “We have talked and put some moneys aside to start the process to build a pavilion near the library if we could get your help.”

Rodgers said the reunion committee has $6,900 raised thus far in funds for the shelter.

“And we have even gotten a couple of estimates for the 30×50 pavilion that we believe it will take for all of us to attend.”

Rodgers said the costs run from $19,400 to $28,000.

She asked the alderman if they could perhaps help find grants to build the pavilion, “and the city can own it and rent it out at will. We just request it for the two times a year that we meet.”

The desire for the pavilion came about because of the 50th year reunion coming up next year, “we want to be back on the school grounds for that one.”

Alderman Todd McDonald, who was acting mayor for the meeting, said all the board could promise is to look at it and get back with the committee.

Martha Swindle nodded, “We know it is needed because at the last reunion they had 140 people.”

If anyone would like more information or to donate to the project, please contact Faye Turnbaugh.

In other business, the town of Sherman has received a CAP loan which will “complete both sewer projects,” according to McDonald.

The board approved for Wayne Bullock, Martha Swindle and Ann Simmons to be MML representatives.

The board set June 3, 10 am. as the public hearing on the progress for the next Community Development Block Grant.

The board also approved to purchase a 1/4 page ad in the Welcome Home to Pontotoc magazine.

Jamie Culpepper, speaking on behalf of Fire Chief Brad McMurry, asked the board to approve maintenance of the fire trucks that the town is responsible to maintain at a cost of $1,100. The measure was approved.

He also asked the board about the purchase of three EMR uniforms for the female volunteers. “The cotton jump suits are $260 each,” he said.

However, there weren’t sufficient funds so the board tabled the request.
The board approved to purchase digital radios for the police department on a 75/25 matching grant request. The town’s portion of the cost is $1,000.

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