Shooing away the geese with lights in Olive Branch

By The Associated Press

OLIVE BRANCH — Residents of an Olive Branch subdivision are trying nighttime blinking lights to shoo geese from around its lakes.

The Commercial Appeal reports that residents of the College Hills subdivision hope the blinking amber lights will disrupt geese sleeping patterns and drive them away.

Wildlife officials say the Canadian geese are attracted to safe, tranquil man-made lakes and tasty, manicured lawns.

While some people enjoy feeding them and interacting with them, others characterize them as unsanitary pests; each goose produces more than a pound of droppings a day, and the feces can harbor disease.

Tammy Moss, who represents the College Hills subdivision’s managing agent, says they’ve talked with the USDA but are trying the lighting method.

Moss says there are too many geese for the property to sustain.

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