Sidney lawyer: NCAA dragging in its amateurism investigation

Renardo Sidney’s lawyer has accused the NCAA of intentionally dragging out its amateurism evaluation of the 6-foot-10 Mississippi State freshman basketball player.
The NCAA sent Donald Jackson a memo Friday saying it still needed more Sidney family financial records, otherwise Sidney “remains non-certified due to non-response,” said NCAA spokesman Bob Williams in an e-mail to the Daily Journal.
The memo came a week after Alex Hammond of the NCAA eligibility center reviewed Sidney family deposit records, which Jackson had hoped would satisfy the NCAA’s demand for information.
“It is clear that the (NCAA’s) ultimate goal is to prolong this inquiry,” Jackson told the Daily Journal. He said the NCAA has requested “records that identify the sources of each deposit” as well as cell phone records for each family member dating from Jan. 1, 2006, the year the Sidneys moved from Jackson to Los Angeles.
“Since they are unable to find anything damaging, they have opted to prolong the investigation indefinitely,” Jackson said.
Brad Locke

NEMS Daily Journal

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