Sign owners must conform in Oxford

By NEMS Daily Journal

OXFORD – Owners and renters of signs that did not conform to Oxford’s 2004 sign ordinance will be required to do so within a few weeks. Among the requirements is that most storefront signs can be no larger than 40 square feet (60 square feet in some cases of larger businesses), and billboards are allowed only in areas zoned industrial.
Nonconforming signs were given five years for owners to recoup their investment in the 2004 ordinance and then another two years after some business owners complained further.
Rather than make exceptions for businesses that claimed financial hardship or for those whose owners say they will be selling their businesses soon, aldermen agreed seven years was enough time for business owners to comply with the ordinance.
“It’s important to a community to have decent signage. Economic development depends on this,” said Ward 3 Alderman Janice Antonow. “I think we should just let it move forward.”

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