Signs deliver a Shannon greeting

When people come into Shannon on Highways 145 or 45, they’ll know exactly where they are.
The town’s two new “Welcome to Shannon” signs, with white lettering on a red background, are now up on its major entrance roads. The two $6,600 signs, which were authorized by the Board of Aldermen four months ago, have had positives reactions among residents.
“I like them,” said Lacy Caldwell. “They make it look like you’re coming into the city or something. Shannon is a great town and there’s no reason why we can’t welcome people in to come and see it.”
Another resident, Mike Jennings, said it is a source of pride.
“It’s about time we show some town pride,” he said. “This is the best thing for Shannon. We have a nice place here and now people will see that even before they get in to town.”
Mayor Ronnie Hallmark said the signs are another way to help beautify the town.
“We want to make Shannon more appealing to the eyes,” said Hallmark. “The better your town looks, the more people come to visit and that’s what this is about. We’ve put in ordinances to make sure people keep Shannon looking good, so now it’s time for the city to do its part.”
To enhance the signs will be landscaping and lights to highlight them at night, according to Hallmark. At least one more sign may go up in the future, but Hallmark could not say when or where.
“Everyone thinks that the northern part of the county is where all the nice, clean towns are, but we are going to change that perception,” said Hallmark. “The southern towns are just as beautiful as any place in Lee County and we want people to ride through Shannon and see just that.”

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