Silver Star Banner day to honor wounded soldiers

Progress Staff Writer
Friday has been designated as Silver Star Banner Day to honor those soldiers who have been wounded in all wars.
Immediately following the National Guard send off, there will be a short ceremony on the northeast corner of the courtsquare beside the Mississippi monument.
A silver star flag will be erected under the American flag beside the monument that honors all those who have served in the armed forces.
The silver star flag has a blue field bound by a white stripe and a red border. A silver star is in the middle of the blue field.
This flag honors those soldiers who suffered an injury or any wounded soldiers who served in all past wars.
The Silver Star Families of America define the wounded as: any Armed Forces personnel either currently serving honorably or those who have served honorably from any war.
During the course of their service in a war zone if they have been wounded by enemy action or who have been injured or contracted a serious illness that could be rated at least 10% disabled by the Department of Veterans Affairs including PTSD, Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome associated illnesses.
The Silver Star Flag and Banner are symbols of remembrance and honor and may be displayed or flown at anytime, not just wartime, and by families as well as the wounded and ill service members.
Members of American Legion and VFW will be on hand to help in the ceremonies.
From now on these flags will be presented to injured soldiers when they return from war as a symbol that the citizens will never forget their sacrifice and courage while defending the freedoms of this county and the United States of America.

Regina Butler

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