Sisters want brother who killed their kids spared

By Holbroook Mohr/The Associated Press

JACKSON – Two women are asking Mississippi’s governor to spare their brother from execution, even though he killed four of their children, paralyzed another and stabbed one of them.
Henry “Curtis” Jackson Jr. is scheduled to die Tuesday by lethal injection. He killed the four kids, ages 2 to 5, during a rampage that started when he went to his mother’s home in Leflore County to take money from her safe on Nov. 1, 1990, court records say.
His mother was at church that day, but Jackson’s adult sister, Regina Jackson, was there with her two daughters and four nieces and nephews. Regina Jackson was stabbed five times. Her two daughters and two nephews were stabbed to death. Another niece was so severely injured that she was paraplegic until her recent death.
Regina Jackson said she was scheduled to meet with Gov. Phil Bryant on Monday and would plead for her brother’s life. She also wrote Bryant a letter last month asking for a reprieve, saying she doesn’t want her brother to get out of prison but she “just can’t take any more killing.”
“As a mother who lost two babies, all I’m asking is that you not make me go through the killing of my brother,” she wrote.
She said in a telephone interview she has forgiven her brother over the years. “If they kill him, they’re doing the same thing that he did. The dying is going to have to stop somewhere,” she said.
Another sister and her husband, Glenda and Andrew Kuyoro, have also asked Bryant to spare Curtis Jackson in a letter dated May 15.
The couple said they have tried for years to understand why Curtis Jackson attacked his relatives, and they know their questions may never be answered, but surely won’t if he dies.
“We are the victims in this case, and we are begging you not to let Curtis be killed. You can keep him in Parchman forever, but please don’t put our family through this horrible execution,” the Kuyoros wrote. “We are not asking you to take pity on Curtis, we’re asking you to show US mercy. We have been through enough.”
Curtis Jackson’s attorney, Robert Davis Jr. of Tupelo, filed a clemency request with Bryant’s office last week.
Bryant’s spokesman, Mick Bullock, said Monday that Bryant “is reviewing the facts associated with this case and has no further comment at this time.”
Bryant, a Republican and former deputy sheriff, has not granted clemency to a condemned inmate since taking office in January.

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