Sloan files new sex bias lawsuit

By Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal

Tara Nicole Sloan of Tupelo accuses the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office of sex discrimination after she didn’t get a road deputy job recently.
She’s filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, saying ultimately she was told the office did not want women as transport officers “because they might get hurt.”
Meanwhile, Sloan’s federal sexual harassment lawsuit was settled and dismissed Friday against Craig Shannon and the Tupelo Public School District.
Her attorney, Jim Waide of Tupelo, said details of the settlement cannot be disclosed because of confidentiality agreements.
In October 2007, then-Verona police officer Sloan worked part-time for TPSD as a school resource officer at Fillmore Alternative School, where Shannon was principal. She claimed he subjected her to sexual remarks and retaliation in a hostile work environment.
Shannon and the district denied her allegations.
In her new complaint, she says the Verona Police Department fired her “for false, baseless reasons,” then she was hired more than a year later as a Monroe County corrections officer.
She claims that an assistant jailer told her she’d first have to work as a transport officer before she could become a road deputy, the job she wanted in the first place.
Her EEOC complaint claims Hood questioned her comp-time papers and accused her of giving him “false information” when applying for the job.
This week, Hood confirmed Sloan’s report that she resigned, rather than be fired.
He declined to make further comment.

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