Slugburgers still a big hit at festival

By Danza Johnson / NEMS Daily Journal

CORINTH – People strolling through downtown here on Saturday felt a little sluggish.
Not because of the heat or the humidity, but because most of them were full of the famous slugburgers.
Corinth threw its annual Slugburger Festival and as usual the guest of honor was the deep-fried, half meat, half dough, mustard, pickle and onion-filled treat known as the slugburger. Hundreds of people battled scorching heat and long lines for a taste of the burger with the not so appetizing name, but great taste.
“I’ve gone to a lot of festivals that sell doughburgers and none can hold a flame to the slugburger,” said Sherri Goldman of Corinth. “The fact that they are deep-fried where most are cooked on a griddle makes them unique and just better to me. No way was I going to let a little heat stop me from getting one today. We’ll actually be getting four or five, but who’s counting?”
Paige Noel helped to sell the burgers for Rolling Rumps Cooking Team. Order after order, the team fried up and handed out the golden brown patties to hungry customers.
“We’ve had a good crowd today,” said Noel. “People really enjoy the burgers. They are something totally different from your normal burger.”
Burgers weren’t the only thing that brought people to downtown Corinth on Saturday. Several bands entertained the crowd.
One of the favorites was Breaking Curfew. Dozens of people danced and sang along with the band’s music – slugburgers in hand, of course.
A carnival was also set up for the children to enjoy and although the adults seemed to prefer the slugburgers, most of the children went for sweeter treats.
Thomas Baker, 13, couldn’t get past the name to even give the burgers a try.
“When I think of something good to eat the word slug never comes to mind so I’ll definitely pass,” he said.

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