Smithville to conduct Community Assessment Survey Thursday

By Monroe Journal

SMITHVILLE – Residents and visitors of Smithville will have an opportunity on Thursday, March 8, to share what they think is right or wrong with the community through a “Community Assessment Survey,” according to Mayor Gregg Kennedy, who added that a questionnaire covering nearly every phase of the community, including planning, human relations and cultural enrichment, recreation, economic development, the physical environment and community services, will be presented.

Additionally, individuals will have the opportunity to participate in small group dicussions focusing on the current challenges and future opportunities facing the Smithville area.

A community development specialist from the Stennis Institute at Mississippi State University will assist with the survey and community forum.

“The primary purpose for conducting the survey,” Kennedy said, “is to find out where the community is doing a good job and where it needs to improve. With this information we can identify problem areas and develop action programs.

“We want to know how Smithville measures up as a place to live and the only way that we can be sure that we are getting a complete picture is by asking people who really know – the people who live, work and visit here.”

The forum will be held Thursday at Crossbound Church from 5 to 7 p.m. Participants in the community forum must be 18 or older and live within a six-mile radius of Smithville.

Contact Kim Johnson on 662-651-4063 for more.

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