Smithville woman faces marijuana charges

Ashley Victoria Taylor

Ashley Victoria Taylor

By Ray Van Dusen/Monroe Journal

A Smithville woman was arrested on drug charges Wednesday, according to a statement from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

The MCSO and North Mississippi Narcotics Unit arrested Ashley Victoria Taylor, 19, of Smithville and charged her with marijuana- Intent to Sell. Bond has not been set at this time. This subject is currently being housed at Monroe County Detention Center.

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  • Tonylowbrow

    Really? Monroe county is FULL of crystal meth but this lady gets busted for weed? Nice going, narcotics unit. You just made Smithville less safe.

  • Kevin

    I’m sure this poor soul was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Marijuana is about as dangerous as a yorkie puppy. As the rest of the nation and the world eases its restrictions on it, Mississippi sadly will continue its prohibition. From the cops’ perspective, enforcing pot laws gives them something to do and it justifies their budgets.

    • cindirutledgeparker

      You have smoked too much and have fried your brain cells, moron.

      • Kevin

        What makes you think I smoke?

      • Clyde Christopher

        It’s funny that one of the first posts on your Facebook page (yes, I can see it) is a joke about taking pills, but you have the nerve to trash talk marijuana?

        I hope those pills are working out for you, lady.

        Funny how the people who say something against cannabis do it in such a rude way. Maybe you would lighten up if you left the meds alone and did a J.

      • Lena

        Your quickness to call someone you probably don’t even know a moron AND assume something about them all in the same sentence proves that maybe YOU are the moron.

  • barney fife

    Imagine the legal system without any law regarding the possession, sale or use of marijuana.
    Cops, detectives & prosecutors would be free to pursue truly dangerous criminals, and there would be room in the jails as well.
    Reform marijuana laws.

  • Lena

    Mississippi needs to get the stick out of its ass and reform marijuana laws. Research has proven over and over again that pot has MANY benefits. Only the idiots who refuse to open their minds up to the fact that maybe they DON’T know everything there is to know about weed don’t see this. They make their assumptions without reading the facts and harshly criticize those who use pot.