Snow's arrival expected this afternoon, evening

By Danza Johnson / NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – If the weatherman is right, you have until around 3 p.m. before the snow begins to fall.
According to the National Weather Service in Memphis, five to eight inches of snow is expected to fall between today and Monday morning, but that’s the good news.
Meteorologist Marlene Mickelson said freezing rain could be expected Monday and even more freezing temperatures. There is a 70 percent chance of snow this afternoon and a 100 percent chance for tonight.
“People may want to pull out their biggest coats because this week is going to be extremely cold for a few days,” she said. “On top of the snow, sleet and freezing rain, the highs until at least Thursday will only be about 32 degrees and the lows will be between 10 and 15 degrees. It’s going to be an extremely cold week in north Mississippi.”
Despite the strong forecast predictions, some Northeast Mississippians remained skeptical on Saturday.
“We just had a white Christmas, which is rare enough, so no way we’re going to have more snow less than a month later,” Melvin Conely said. “This is Mississippi, not Michigan.”
Michelle Riley said she was cautiously skeptical.
“The weatherman has been wrong a few times, so I’m not going all in on this one, but I think I’ll go fill the car up just in case.”
There were also people who where getting in snow-battle mode, raiding the grocery store aisles in preparation for a snow-in.
“I went to the grocery store last night and got everything I need just in case the worst happens,” said Margaret James. “If the snow comes and we’re snowed in then we will have food. And if it doesn’t, we’ll still have food. Better to be safe than sorry.”
Stay safe
With cold, wet weather comes icy road conditions. One of the more recent times Northeast Mississippi was blanketed with ice, road conditions resulted in at least three people being killed in traffic accidents.
Felipe Manguila, 44, of Corinth; Dale Tate, 39, and Earnest York, 41, all were killed when they hit ice patches on bridges on Dec. 22. There also were numerous wrecks that injured drivers.
Mississippi Highway Patrolman Trooper Ray Hall said on Saturday troopers are preparing for the bad road conditions.
Hall said every patrolman will be working. They will be out checking the road conditions and will be available to assist stranded motorists. Hall is encouraging people to use caution if they have to travel, but would prefer them to stay off the roads until the storm passes.
“It was unfortunate to have those three fatalities last time, and we hope we don’t have that happen again, but there is no way to predict it,” said Hall. “We just try to warn people and hope that they listen.”
If you are traveling and need updates on road conditions, you can call toll-free for Mississippi Road Conditions at (888) 728-4218.
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