South Lee area joins to fight crime

By Danza Johnson/NEMS Daily Journal

SHANNON – Lee County Justice Court Judge Ricky Thompson hopes the Lee County District 4 Community Association will help curtail crime in south Lee County.
Thompson, a Shannon resident, said he was tired of seeing that residents weren’t doing anything about drugs in the community. So he and other citizens decided to act.
“We have just been having a lot of problems with drugs and crime in general in our area and weren’t helping law enforcement clean it up,” said Thompson. “So we felt that by creating this association we can come together and network to help law enforcement fight crime in our community.”
Lt. Paul Howell, with the Northeast Mississippi Narcotics Unit, said forming the association was a big step in helping to clean up the area.
“When the community gets involved in fighting drugs it helps us to focus on what their needs are,” said Howell. “That way we can better use our resources to help solve specific problems. It also helps to build trust between us and community. They need to know that when they call us, we’re going to come and do our jobs.”
Billy Henderson, association vice president of the association, said people have to take a stand if they want to live in safe communities.
“It’s up to us,” he said. “We have to pay more attention to what’s going on in our neighborhoods so we can get police the evidence they need to lock these people up. We are the victims so we have to find an answer.”
The group meets once a month and plan to have a representative from the law enforcement community in attendance. Some of the main problems these areas have faced over the past few months have been commercial and residential burglaries, as well as drug issues.
Residents are encouraged to write down tag numbers of suspicious individuals and turn them in to police.

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