Southaven mayor agrees to temporary divorce deal

By The Associated Press

HERNANDO, Miss. (AP) — Southaven Mayor Greg Davis will pay $1,850 in child support after he and his wife agreed to a temporary court order that set up the monthly payments beginning next month.

DeSoto County Chancery Judge Percy Lynchard signed off on the temporary order Wednesday when attorneys for both Greg Davis and Suzann Savage Davis appeared in Chancery Court, reports the Commercial Appeal (

The temporary child support agreement begins Dec. 1. A trial on the divorce settlement case will be held March 28.

Southaven officials were pulled into the fray when Alderman Greg Guy, Alderman Ronnie Hale and Police Chief Tom Long reported in affidavits filed Nov. 9 that during a closed-door meeting in 2010, Davis revealed he altered payroll documents to show he made less money.

Hale said information about the altered payroll along with other information was given to state and federal officials who are investigating Davis’ alleged use of city funds on personal items ranging from food, liquor and trips.

The divorce settlement case stems from Suzann Davis filing petitions in DeSoto and Hinds counties Aug. 21 seeking to amend her 2011 divorce settlement with Davis.

She claims the mayor hid assets from her, drinks excessively around his children and uses political clout to threaten her. Suzann Davis seeks sole custody of the couple’s three children and monthly court-ordered child support payments.

In the couple’s June 13, 2011 divorce decree, there was no court-ordered child support. Davis said in interviews with the Commercial Appeal this summer that he paid his wife $2,300 a month in alimony and also her $460-a-month car note. He also said he paid half the expenses for his children’s clothes and other expenses.

This temporary court-ordered child support terminates any additional expenses for his three daughters that Davis was paying to his ex-wife.

Wednesday in his chambers, Judge Lynchard said he was set to hold a hearing on the motion for child support when he was told by attorneys that an agreement had been reached on the matter.

Attorneys did not comment because the judge has issued a gag order.

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