'Spawning' jobs, saving health care

By Chris Kieffer/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Working in the call center industry, Chris Hocevar of Tupelo has seen many American jobs move overseas.
And as the 2012 presidential election approaches, it is an important issue to the 43-year-old.
“My biggest concern is the economy and that the current regime has only thrown money at big banks to stabilize them, but they have no plans for jobs and haven’t spawned any economic growth,” Hocevar said while watching his 8-year-old son play in a Tupelo Parks and Recreation flag football game at Ballard Park.
“I don’t believe in Obamacare, and I’d like to see both candidates talk about what they will do to spawn jobs. Jobs can’t go overseas.”
Also at Ballard Park on Monday was Tupelo resident Jasmine Edwards, 23, who is studying social work at Mississippi State University. Like Hocevar, Edwards also is concerned about jobs and whether she will find one when she graduates in May. She plans to do medical social work.
Edwards said she likes the efforts of President Barack Obama’s administration to make it easier for college students to obtain financial aid. She’d like to see more done to reduce the cost of university tuition.
Edwards, who was watching her nephew play flag football, said her biggest concern is the future of Medicaid.
“Romney is trying to get rid of Medicaid,” she said of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. “I’m concerned about kids not having health care and getting sick and not having any money to take care of them.”
Hocevar’s wife, Annette, is in school and studying respirator therapy. She said there is concern about what will happen with Obama’s health care policy, whether or not it stands.
“Change is scary,” she said. “Will this policy stand or not? It affects pricing and policy. Also, I hope my job is secure, but what if they choose not to fund my particular area?”
Meanwhile, for Jeremy Jackson, 25, the priority is choosing a candidate who will make the right choice for the economy, “not just for people who make millions, but for everyone.”

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