Special to the Monitor-Herald PONTOTOC – The Calhoun City Wildcats followed up a first place team effort in district with a third place showing in regionals

Special to the Monitor-Herald
PONTOTOC – The Calhoun City Wildcats followed up a first place team effort in district with a third place showing in regionals. They competed against ten schools including local rivals Okolona, Houlka and Vardaman.
The girls team placed fifth overall in the competition and all local teams had several individual first place awards.
North State competition was set for May 2 but was cancelled due to rain. The competition was rescheduled to be held Tuesday and will be updated in next week’s edition.
2-1A amp& 2-2A MSHAA Regional
School standings
1. J.F. Kennedy
2. Houlka
3. Drew
4. Shaw
5. Calhoun City
6. Okolona
7. Vardaman
8. Greenville St. Joe
9. Coffeeville
10. Broad Street
1. Ray Brooks
2. Drew
3. Calhoun City
4. Shaw
5. J.F. Kennedy
6. Houlka
7. Broad Street
8. Okolona
9. Coffeeville
10. Greenville St. Joe
11. Vardaman
Girls 3200 meter
n Jacquita Smith, Drew, 14:26.01
n Deneshia Wilson, JFK, 15:04.00
n Ieysha Mays, JFK, 16:45.01
n Kristen Woodard, Houlka, 17:31.00
Boys 3200 meter
n Dontrez Jordan, JFK, 11:30.00
n Mario Bogan, OHS, 11:33.00
n Deon Warren, JFK, 11:48.00
n Cordaro James, Broad Street, 12:19.00
Girls 100 Hurdles
n Raeshundra Douglas, Houlka, 16.46
n Shavaska Grant, JFK, 17.91
n Jhade Gray, JFK, 18.04
n Jacquita Smith, Drew, 19.44
Boys 110 Hurdles
n James Staton, Houlka, 16.46
n Lonnie Carmicle, JFK, 17.16
n Anthony Lewis, Ray Brooks, 18.08
n Aaron Thompson, CCHS, 18.13
Girls 100 meter
n Jasmine Smith, Drew, 12.12
n Ranesha Townsend, Houlka, 12.59
n Jeannie Knox, Houlka, 12.60
n Shanice Douglas, JFK, 13.00
Boys 100 meter
n Ladarius Perkins, Greenville, 10.92
n Jarvis Smith, Drew, 10.96
n Kywonn Ware, Shaw, 11.17
n Colton Jackson, Broad Street, 11.21
Girls 4×200
n Drew, 1:49.54
n JFK, 1:51.26
n CCHS, 1:52.55
n Shaw, 1:53.00
Boys 4×200
n Drew, 1:31.74
n Broad Street, 1:32.68
n Ray Brooks, 1:33.35
n Shaw, 1:34.11
Girls 1600
n Jacquita Smith, Drew, 6:42
n Ieysha Mays, JFK, 6:48
n Deneshia Wilson, JFK, 7:08
n Colbie Walls, Houlka, 7:23
Boys 1600
n Lorenzo Jones, Houlka, 5:07
n Jontavious Gaston, CCHS, 5:17
n Mario Bogan, OHS, 5:22
n Javaas Jones, Coffeeville, 5:23
Girls 4×100
n Houlka, 51.96
n JFK, 52.26
n Drew, 52.41
n CCHS, 52.66
Boys 4×100
n Shaw, 43.47
n Drew, 43.59
n Broad Street, 44.27
n Ray Brooks, 44.39
Girls 400 meter
n Alvina Knowles, Shaw, 1:02.15
n Latina Jones, JFK, 1:09.52
n Suzette Suggs, Coffeeville, 1:10.55
n Ariel Fox, CCHS, 1:11.50
Boys 400 meter
n Eugene McGee, Broad Street, 52.79
n Lequell Allen, Shaw, 53.89
n James Maheney, JFK, 54.59
n Tyrin Amos, CCHS, 56.34
Girls 300 Hurdles
n Jeannie Knox, Houlka, 52.52
n Jarvia Malone, JFK, 52.97
n Jhade Gray, JFK, 54.99
n Shanae Fox, CCHS, 59.46
Boys 300 Hurdles
n Verdell Shepherd, Shaw, 42.4
n Lonnie Carmicle, JFK, 44.12
n Ike Bean, OHS, 45.14
n James Staton, Houlka, 45.91
Girls 800 meter
n Shameka Stanton, Shaw, 2:44
n Raeshundra Douglas, Houlka, 2:46
n Jana Slay, Greenville, 2:50
n Farma Scott, JFK, 2:57
Boys 800 meter
n Lorenzo Jones, Houlka 2:14
n Lequell Allen, Shaw, 2:15
n Brandon McDaniel, JFK, 2:18
n Aaron Edwards, Drew, 2:19
Girls 200 meter
n Jasmine Smith, Drew, 25.46
n Ranesha Townsend, Houlka, 26.35
n Alvina Knowles, Shaw, 26.86
n Patrice Nailor, Shaw, 26.88
Boys 200 meter
n Jarvis Smith, Drew, 22.19
n Ladarius Perkins, Greenville, 22.63
n Demarius Howard, CCHS, 22.83
n Anthony Hobson, CCHs, 23.41
Girls 4×400
n JKF, 4:31
n Drew, 4:57
n CCHS, 4:59
n OHS, 5:10
Boys 4×400
n Drew, 3:45
n JFK, 3:45.93
n Brad Street, 3:46.84
n Coffeeville, 3:51.01
Girls Long Jump
n Ranesha Townsend, Houlka, 16-07
n Jicobe Jones, VHS, 16-06
n Jhade Gray, JFK, 15-06.50
n Quindella Ford, OHS, 15-03.50
Boys Long Jump
n Kerrick Moore, Ray Brooks, 21-10
n Anthony Lewis, Ray Brooks, 20-02
n Corderius Shepherd, Shaw, 19-10.50
n Verdell Shepherd, Shaw, 20-01.50
Girls High Jump
n Raeshundra Douglas, Houlka, 4-10
n Tekiya Burnett, Drew, 4-10
n Colbie Walls, Houlka, 4-06
n Keirra Mays, JFK, 4-06
Boys High Jump
n Cordell Giles, Ray Brooks, 6-04
n Wayne Holmes Ray Brooks, 6-02
n Durrell Blunt, JFK, 6-0
n James Mathency, FJK, 5-06
Girls Shot Put
n Candiace McIntosh, Houlka, 37-06.50
n Jicobe Jones, JFK, 34-02.50
n Tangela Rich, Drew, 32-06
n Diantrae Miller, CCHS, 31-05.00
Boys Shot Put
n Devarcus Ireland, Ray Brooks, 48-11.00
n Jeff Willis, Drew, 48-07.50
n Robert Moore, Ray Brooks, 47-06.50
n Derrick Mitchell, Greenville, 45-05.00
Girls Discus
n Tangela Rich, Drew, 106-07
n Quinndella Ford, OHS, 86-04
n Shalissa Jackson, Shaw, 70-10
n Josie James, Greenville, 69-03
Boys Discus
n Keyardus Leslie, Ray Brooks, 135-03
n Cordell Giles, Ray Brooks, 126-08
n Tommy Brown, Drew, 117-03
n Larry Drake, Shaw, 116-09
Boys Triple Jump
n Kerrick Moore, Ray Brooks, 42-05
n Lequell Allen, Shaw, 40-10
n Demarius Howard, CCHS, 40-06
n Tray Pratt, CCHS, 39-06.50
Girls Triple Jump
n Jicobe Jones, VHS, 35-10
n Domesha Robinson, JFK, 30-10.5
n Tekiya Burrnett, Drew, 30-07.5
n Arlisha Williams, JFK, 30-07.5


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