Spring cleaning easy minus clutter

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TUPELO – Spring cleaning can feel more like the battle of the bulge if clutter's in the way.

“One of the aspects of any kind of cleaning – day-to-day picking up or a deep spring cleaning – it all goes much easier when you're organized,” said Maryanne Macdonald, owner of Organized by Design and a teacher to the disorganized since 1989.

The Memphis resident teaches 12 different organization classes, and with spring officially beginning this week, she has advice for anyone wanting to clean up and regroup.

In the “Let's Get Organized” class, Macdonald tells her students they can lighten their spring cleaning load by reducing clutter – not just junk mail and stacks of newspapers, but clothes.

People can create an active closet by removing, or at least rearranging, clothes by the season. “Do it twice a year for your spring and winter clothes,” said Macdonald.

She notes that clothing in many cases is held onto for sentimental reasons.

“The memories really reside within our hearts and our minds, and not necessarily the clothes,” she said. “Organizing is all about making decisions, what to keep, what to throw out.”

For items that stay, keep them put up. “Everything has a place,” Macdonald said. “Where's up if you don't have a clear place?”

The professional organizer does not accept the excuse of not having enough time to organize, and anyone can learn to do it.

“It's not that they don't have the time, they just don't make the time,” she said. “It's not an innate trait. Organization is a journey. It's not an end into itself.”

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