Spring gardeners delayed by weather, too

By Sarah Robinson/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Farmers aren’t the only ones who have had to wait to plant this spring.
Most area residents also have had to put off their own gardening due to cooler weather and excessive rain.
Mid-South Nursery owner Byron Fellows said the region essentially missed all of March as far as gardening goes.
“We need a good April and a good May” to get things on track, he said. “It’s still picking up, but we’re not quite there.”
Fellows said whether people are planting depends largely on whether the area where they’re trying to plant is draining well. With the sun coming out this past weekend, customers were out in force at nurseries and garden shops.
Wayne and Shirley Perkins of Oxford on Saturday stopped by Mid-South after a camping trip at Trace State Park.
The Perkinses have 10 large beds to plant in their two-acre yard, and said they have plenty of gardening to do.
“Roses are our big thing,” said Shirley Perkins, who added she looks for just about anything that blooms all summer. Though the Perkinses have been able to get some work done for the past six weeks, others said they still are having to wait for drier soil.
Ann Morris of Bruce said she tries not to buy too much, even when the weather is better.
“I don’t buy a lot. I divide,” she said. “That’s what I’ve been doing, because it’s been so wet.”
Fellows and his wife, Bettie, own the business started by Bettie’s father, Witt Marion,1953. The business has been on Coley Road since 1976, and it’s a popular destination for gardeners.
Even after so many years in business, Fellows said there still is no way to tell how the season will play out in terms of business.
He said he does his best to keep merchandise out that people want to buy.
“I can’t control the weather, so I don’t worry about that,” he said.

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