Spring means time for preparation and planning

Amory Flower Lovers Garden Club
Just as soon as we flip the calendar over from February to March, we gardeners get in a hurry to push things ahead in our yard and gardens. Planning ahead makes a big difference in your garden. Experience is also a good teacher. To help with gardening, a good check list of what needs to be done from early spring to summer,fall will gibe you the rewards in gardening for years to come.
To start in the early spring:
1 Get rid of all old growth in your shrubs; rose bushes, hydrangia, crape myrtles, nandinas, and many others. Shaping them up early helps you to keep them nice during the growing season. If you have mulch around them, now is the time to add new or freshen up the old.
2 For your established flower beds, cleaning them out is a must, planning out where you are going to put plants. Tilling up and renewing the soil gives new plants and old ones a better chance of making it through the seasons.
3While you have your beds all clean and clear, put your drip hoses down if you do not have other means of watering your plants.
4If you are making new beds, till the soil. Don’t just dig a hole and place the poor plant in it.
5Plant selections should depend on where it’s being planted. Most nurseries will tell you if it needs sun or shade, and the best time to plant.
6Once you have your new or old beds finished, mulch should be added to help with moisture and keeping the weeds down. To help your garden with a good start, fertilize regularly as directed with your choice or with the advice of a nursery person.

Chris Wilson

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