Starkville looking at historic districts

By The Associated Press

STARKVILLE — The Starkville Historic Preservation Commission approved a final draft of “Standards for Starkville’s Historic Districts” and has begun planning public hearings.

Commission chair Michael Fazio tells the Starkville Daily News that the city board of aldermen would have to approve both the standards and the local historic districts, and where they would apply.

Fazio said the local districts may share similarities with, but do not have to exactly match three Starkville districts already on the National Register of Historic Places.

The standards, if approved by the city, would establish design guidelines for local historic buildings.

Fazio said he intends to meet with aldermen at their meeting Sept. 18.

He said the aldermen would benefit from a review of the HPC’s process so far.

Fazio said less formal meetings could be held in each of the neighborhoods targeted for local districts and with others such as contractors, real estate groups and the Central Neighborhood Foundation.

Commissioner Tom Walker said he likes the idea because it gives the commission time before the first public hearing to not only build support for the standards but also to address grievances.

“If someone has an objection that is real that we somehow miss, then we’ve got time to fix it, rather than have someone bring it up in a public hearing (where) everyone feeds on it,” Walker said.

The commission has made tentative plans to hold the neighborhood meetings starting after Oct. 1.

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