Starkville Mayor Parker Wiseman Endorses DuPree

HATTIESBURG — Starkville Mayor Parker Wiseman today endorsed Mayor Johnny DuPree for governor of Mississippi. He made the endorsement today in an email to DuPree supporters.

“I believe that Johnny DuPree is the best candidate to not only to win the Democratic Primary on August 2, but he is the Democrats’ greatest hope for victory in
November,” Wiseman said in the email. “I know Mayor Johnny DuPree understands what is needed to create jobs, improve education, and improve the quality of life for Mississippians. We need someone with these skills to make Mississippi first.”

DuPree called the endorsement a great honor.

“Having the endorsement of someone like Parker Wiseman means a lot to me,” DuPree said. “Parker is an emerging leader in the Democratic Party and one of the most well respected young mayors in the state. That says a lot about our campaign and what we’re doing that we continue to amass a diverse group of supporters — young and old, black and white, Democrat, Republican and Independent.”

Press Release

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