Starkville schools look at student travel

By The Associated Press

STARKVILLE — Starkville school interim superintendent Beth Sewell is suggesting the district develop some criteria for paying for student trips.

The Starkville Daily News reports that the school board has debated which groups should get funding and how much money they should get.

The board is often asked to partially fund class field trips, group trips to competitions or festivals to help lighten the financial burden of the students’ families.

Sewell suggested this week that the board consider distinguishing between a competition and a trip — between something that is required as part of the curriculum and something that is just for fun — when making a decision on funding.

“If it is something that is required and there is an issue with funding of our students and they are not able to handle it financially, then it is our responsibility as a district to take care of it,” she said.

The school board has $15,000 in its budget for student trips. Each school also has money for student travel but it is also very limited.

“It’s going to have to be a budget issue that is going to have to be determined at each school level so they don’t have to come to (the school board). Some of this needs to be handled at the school level,” Sewell said.

Sewell says she hopes to get some guidelines ready for the board soon.

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