Stars and Stripes' free run ends today

By NEMS Daily Journal

The Daily Journal has offered readers a free sampling of our newest product, Stars and Stripes, since mid-July. Today’s edition will be the last that includes this special military publication free of charge.
If you wish to continue receiving Stars and Stripes with your Daily Journal each Friday, call (662) 842-2613 and ask to have it added to your subscription. The cost is 25 cents per week.
“We appreciate the positive response we’ve received from our readers who have praised the quality content of this product and thanked us for making it available to them,” said Journal Publisher Clay Foster.
Until recently, Stars and Stripes has been distributed exclusively overseas. Now it is publishing a U.S. weekly edition and the Daily Journal is one of its first partners in bringing this publication to a local market.
For most of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines serving overseas, especially in war zones, Stars and Stripes is a primary connection home.
Stars and Stripes exists to provide independent news and information to the U.S. military community. It is the only Department of Defense-authorized news outlet guaranteed First Amendment privileges and has published since World War II.
Enjoy this last free edition of Stars and Stripes. In order not to miss an issue, call (662) 842-2613 and have your subscription started today.

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