Stauffer’s police gun given to his widow



Daily Journal

TUPELO – The widow of a slain Tupelo police officer will receive her husband’s handgun.

The Tupelo City Council voted unanimously to accept Tupelo Police Chief Bart Aguirre’s recommendation to declare Sgt. Gale Stauffer’s city-issued 9 mm handgun as a surplus item.

This action allows Beth Stauffer to receive the firearm. Since the city can’t donate an item still considered to have value, it will accept $1 for Stauffer’s weapon.

Beth Stauffer will receive the gun during a presentation at a City Council meeting, according to city documents.

An armed robber shot both Sgt. Stauffer and Officer Joseph Maher on Dec. 23. Maher continues to recover.

Phoenix, Ariz., police shot and killed a robber identified by the FBI as the Tupelo gunman five days later.

  • barney fife

    Somehow, I suspect a fair portion of the reading public will not appreciate this action.
    It does come across as somewhat macabre.