Storms hit Tupelo hard

By Emily Le Coz/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Back-to-back thunderstorms soaked the city in 2 inches of rain this week while downing trees and causing scattered power outages.
Most of the damage caused by the sudden storms, which arrived in the early evening Sunday and again Monday, was minor.
Storm water drains whisked away rapidly falling rain without flooding, said Public Works Director Sid Russell. And the roughly 1,000 homes and businesses that lost power during the lightning-filled rains were online again quickly, said Tupelo Water & Light Manager Johnny Timmons.
The 2 inches of rain that fell this week bring July’s total rainfall-to-date in Tupelo to 7.01 inches. That’s more than double what it usually is this late in the month – 3.26 inches, according Tom Salem of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s Memphis office.
The storms didn’t produce only heavy rainfall and high winds, but thousands of lightning strikes. Some 3,000 strikes hit in the area between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. Monday, Salem reported.
During the same hour, about 8,000 strikes occurred throughout the Mid-South, he said.
More severe weather could come again this week, with a 20 percent change of thunderstorms predicted by the NOAA each night.

Rain at a glance
Tupelo has received 7.01 inches of rain since the beginning of the month – more than double the average 3.26-inch rainfall for this point in July. Here are the days it rained and the amount each time:
Date Inches
July 6 1
July 9 0.21
July 13 0.54
July 14 0.36
July 15 0.07
July 16 2.7
July 17 0.06
July 25 1
July 26 1.03
July 27 0.04

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