Storms pass through region

By NEMS Daily Journal

A storm system that traveled through the U.S. killed at least 10 people but left Northeast Mississippi in fairly good shape.
Friday was filled with high winds, hail, tornado warnings and heavy rain. Most damage involved downed trees, and no injuries were reported as of Friday night.
Van Vleet, a small community in Chickasaw County, received noteworthy damage Friday morning.
The line of destruction began around the post office in Van Vleet, between Houston and Okolona and moved in a northeast direction with a tree later reported down on Highway 32. Dozens of trees were toppled and one mobile home was destroyed.
“We are not sure if it was a tornado or straight-line wind at this point but we do have damage to trees and property,” said Linda Griffin, deputy director of the Chickasaw Emergency Management Agency. “We have no reports of anyone being hurt at this time.”
Ruth Carter lives behind the Van Vleet post office and said the storm struck quickly.
“We were watching the weather on TV and also looking out the door, but there was no warning,” said Carter. “It was raining and everything and then all of the sudden it hit.”
A 200-year-old oak tree more than 5 feet in diameter was uprooted in Carter’s front yard. A tree was also pushed over on her house with a limb coming in a back bedroom.
“This was bad, but I’ve got insurance and we’re going to be all right,” said Carter. “The sun will come up tomorrow. I’m just glad no one was hurt.”
More than 15 trees were counted downed or damaged around Carter’s property. Power outages were reported as a result of that storm.
According to Ryan Husted, a meteorologist with National Weather Service in Memphis, the following damage was reported to the agency Friday:
– Quarter size hail near New Albany.
– Flash flooding in southern Monroe County.
– Trees down in Corinth and in Troy.
– Porch destroyed in Randolph in Pontotoc County.
Husted also said a funnel cloud was reported in Prentiss County around 5:40 p.m., but no other reports of damage were in around 8 p.m.
The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency also said the region did not receive a lot of damage. Its reports include Clay and Monroe counties.
n Clay: At least one home and several apartment units are uninhabitable, several roads closed due to debris/flooding and several residents have been displaced.
n Monroe: Reports of flash flooding in the Hamilton and Strong communities. Several roads closed due to flooding and debris.

The Chickasaw Journal contributed to this report.

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