Street, sewer project wrapping up in Okolona

By Floyd Ingram/Chickasaw Journal

OKOLONA – Construction crews are putting the finishing touches on both a massive sewer and street resurfacing project this week.

The digging and replacement of old sewer lines is all but complete and street paving crews have now moved in to lay down a new asphalt surface.

“Many of our sewer lines go right down the middle of streets or along the right of way,” said Richie Cousin, of Okolona Public Works. “We wanted to do the digging first and then come back and resurface the streets.”

The city has obtained a Community Development Block Grant to do 4,200-feet of new sewer line. They are also seeking a 28,000-foot USDA sewer project and a 1,500-foot waterline improvement project also from USDA.

“We had sewer pipe in some of these neighborhoods that was 20-, 30-, or 40-years old,” said Cousin. “It was the old clay pipe in places. We have replaced it with new, seamless pipe that will improve the system tremendously.”

Cousin said most of the pipe is in the ground. He said there is still some work to be done to reseed and smooth where the new pipes have gone across people’s yards.

Street paving crews moved in Friday and were busy paving streets around the Okolona Public Works Barn on Gatlin Street.

“They are repaving streets in just about every neighborhood in town,” said Cousin. “This will really be something nice for Okolona once they get finished. It’s going to smooth out our roads and make the streets and neighborhoods look good.”

Cousin said new speed limit signs will be posted on the newly paved streets and police have been told to step up patrols on the newly paved avenues.

The street paving project should finished up this month. A second company and crew will then come in and stripe and paint turn-lanes on city streets.

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