Students show off their masterpieces

By Michaela Gibson Morris

Daily Journal

TUPELO – On Sunday, it was hard to tell which was brighter – the colorful artwork of Tupelo Public School elementary students hanging on the walls of the GumTree Museum of Art or the pride in the faces of the artists and their families.

“All the children, they're so talented,” said Sandra McKinney, who had come to admire the work of her niece Danielle Crayton, a Lawhon School first-grader. “It's amazing.”

More than 250 works of art created by students from kindergarten through sixth grade were on display at the downtown Tupelo museum during the annual Tupelo Public Schools Shared Treasures Children's Art Show. The exhibit will run through Saturday.

Each of the participating schools – all seven lower elementaries and two upper elementary schools – selected 25 pieces to be hung on the walls.

“They're thrilled when they have art work in the show,” said Kit White, who teaches art at Rankin and Pierce Street schools. “It's a big honor.”

The artwork represented a rainbow of styles and materials including sophisticated portraits, abstracts, still lifes, African-inspired masks, hip doll-like sculptures and huge three-dimensional fish.

Avery Goggans, a first-grader, smiled proudly as her mom, Tracey Goggans, took her picture in front of her artwork, a New York cityscape inspired by her recent trip to visit her aunt.

“We cut straws and hot glued them on” to construction paper buildings and cars to give the picture depth, Avery Goggans said.

The art show was sponsored by the Tupelo Public Schools, GumTree Museum of Art and the Daily Journal.

Shared Treasures

The exhibit featuring artwork of Tupelo Public Schools elementary students will run through Saturday at the GumTree Museum of Art in downtown Tupelo

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