Summer fitness

n Life fitness tip of the week
Special to the Chickasaw Journal
HOUSTON – We all know summer is right around the corner, which is a time when fitness is usually most desired. Basic fitness can easily be achieved while enjoying the warm weather and bonding with family and friends. Simple exercises such as squats, push-ups, and lunges can be done anywhere and will work your entire body. Activities such as basketball, cycling, or even yard work can help your fitness and allow you to include the whole family.
Also, with summer approaching fast, hydration becomes a top priority. As the temperatures soar, so will dehydration levels. Your water intake will need to be at least a half a gallon per day. Sodas, or any other sugar-filled drinks, aren’t enough to properly hydrate yourself. The sugars will absorb those fluids in your body and may actually work against you in the fight to stay hydrated.
Tip provided by AJ amp& Michelle Johnson. E-mail or call questions to (662) 448-5757

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