Sunday is Father's Day, and special honor will be given them on that day in various churches

Sunday is Father’s Day, and special honor will be given them on that day in various churches. “The official flower on Father’s Day is the dandelion, because the more it is trampled on the better it grows.” – Quote from Paul Tom.
June 21 is also Baptist Men’s Day in Southern Baptist churches.
Wedding anniversaries this week: June 14 – Brian and Emily Hicks; June 15- Eric and Erin Tedder, Johnny and Shane Kakales, Don and Gayle Stafford, Jim and Lou Willis, Jim and Maxine Blue (51 years), Jim and Wanda Boyle; June 16 – Brent and Patti Harrell, James and Sonya Chrestman; June 17 – Russell and Carrie Childs; June 18 – Danny and Diane Kirby, Tom and Julie Macon; June 19 – Jay and Lorilee Easley; June 20 – J.D. and Juliet Long, David and Kim McGregor, Jimmy and Linda McGreger, Tommy and Dottie Calhoun.
Birthdays this week: June 14 – Taylor Castleberry, Miqueal Douglas, Bailey Gordon, Monica Caldwell, Tammie Barnette, Donnie Morris, Henry Lee Taylor, Raguna Armstrong, Carolyn Hardin, Taiwan Hearvey, Jena Thaenert, Traci Rainey; June 15 – Kimberly Murphree, Pamela Mays Penson, Stanley Mays, Charlotte Cook, Curtis Nix, Haydon Russom, Becky Brown, Chris Brownlee, Ginger Tedder, Ella Mae Smith, Brittany Martin, Joey Chaney, Rivers Nelson; June 16 – Phillip Gibson, Cassie Haynes, Julie Hamilton, Billy Skinner, Randy Privett; June 17 – Kelly Ramsey, Sandee Voclain, Stephanie Voclain, Cindy Landreth, Jennifer Wade, Kim Kendall, Terry Jordan, Austin Jordan, Conner Graham, Dana Melton, Chloe McGreger, Tony Black, Kenny Tallent, Myra Furr, Diamond Vance, Noah Chrestman, Glen Criddle, Kelly Hardeman, June Higgins Wozniak, Taylor Young, Gina Plum; June 18 – Bill Blue (93 years – sorry he was listed in error last month), Jon B. Hardin, Jessica Swanner, Ann Watkins, Don Sanderson, Suzanne Winter, Kyleigh Scott, Christian Ponci, June 19 – Jasman Nolan, Lee Earnest, Randy Skinner, Deanne Winter, Melody Posley, Amber Adams, Tyrus Armstrong, Amber Harvill, Ethan Havens, Leonce Plummer, Candi Bollinger, Shea Odom, Rickey Card, Clay Gregory; June 20 – Jeffrey and Jeremy Earnest, Bonnie Ramsey, Laken Lucius, Martha Green, Heather Head, Pearlene Willis, Daphna Cook, Danny Hardin, Donovan Smith, Christa Blansett, J.P. Patrick.
Good service at Westside Thursday when I attended. Bro. Harvey Reeves was guest evangelist (he is on a donor list for a kidney). Jeanette Mayhan was pianist and cousin Peanut McCormick was song director.
Bro. Kevin Merritt was visiting that night at Westside. He is in revival this week with Bro. Charlie Swords at Schoona Chapel Baptist Church in Pontotoc County.
Becky Thacker played the piano for our church program at CHS nursing home in Calhoun City Saturday. Due to the weather, I asked Mrs. Leachman not to attend.
John Cozart helped with the singing at the service. We missed William Lewis, who was in NMMC in Tupelo, according to Cozart. Mr. Lewis enjoys the singing.
Visited Erlene Bullard Saturday in the home of Robert, Jean and Orbert Earnest Sharpe.
Don’t know how old the turtle (terrapin) is that makes it’s yearly rounds at the Bailey home in Loyd, but in the May 28 issue of the “Coffeeville Courier,” a 110-pound mud turtle was caught on a trot line near there. Its estimated age was from 130 to 150 years old.
Good to have our visitors at Lantrip Sunday even though the weather was bad.
Peggy Cowsert was back at Bruce Community Living Center Sunday for our regular monthly program.
Maxine Shinall was transferred from NMMC in Tupelo last week to Eupora. Our prayers continue for her and her family.
Talked with cousin Modene Sutherland by phone Sunday. James seems to be doing very well these days, according to her.
This news is being read in Mantee each week, states Dianne Murphree Neal. She was in Houston last week when I saw her.
Sorry to learn Sunday of the death of Brenda Doak Shoemake, formerly of Bruce. She and I worked together at the DHS in Pittsboro for several years.
Sympathy to all bereaved families including the families of Nolan Venson, 99, of the Sarepta area who died last week; Max McKibben family of the Parker area; Josephine Fortner of New Prospect community in Chickasaw County.
Ernestine and Doris Jefcoat of Soso visited Billie Logan and Jimmie D. McCormick last week.
Stan and Bobbie Bailey visited Christine Bailey during the weekend and they all attended the Bailey reunion at Thorn Community Center.
It is a beautiful Monday morning here on Hipp Hill. The recent rains we have received have caused everything to turn green and lively. We only received an inch of rain over the last few days, although I know other places in our county received much more.
We were in Bruce Friday night for the “Relay for Life” activities, but the severe weather caused all activities to be canceled. We drove home in the downpour, which included some hail. Much debris and some fallen trees cluttered the highway from there to here, but we were able to proceed slowly. When we got home and tried to raise our garage door, we discovered that we had no electricity.
Patsy, Richard, and Jacob stopped by, and Jerry cooked hamburgers and baked beans on the grill. We ate by candlelight and battery-powered lights. About the time we had finished, our lights came back on. Such times make us really appreciate our modern-day amenities. I have lived the other way – very much the other way – but I am glad that I no longer have to do so.
Recently we used Mother’s old washpot to barbecue some Boston butts. We had cooked them slowly in the oven until they were done. Then a fire of charcoal and mesquite chips was built in the bottom of the washpot, and the meat was put on a rack over the top of the pot. A tent of aluminum foil was placed over it and the meat was continuously basted with Corky’s sauce. The end result was delicious, and we took it to Shady Grove’s 100th celebration. We thought it unique that we prepared it much as our forefathers would have – except theirs would probably have been cooked in the fireplace. Actually the “we” who prepared this particular food was Jerry and our friend Cookie Dungan, who lived next door to us in Memphis.
Jerry and I are enjoying a bit of respite after the 100th celebration and the Pittsboro School reunion are history. We are, however, looking forward to the Bryant family reunion on June 27 and the services to be held by Dr. James B. “Jimmy” Buskirk on June 28. Bro. Jimmy will preach at Shady Grove at 9 a.m. and at Bruce UMC at 6 p.m. that evening.
Yesterday we and other family members met at the VFW building for the Bramlitt family reunion, which has been held on the second Sunday of June for as long as I can remember. There were 49 people present, and all of Grandma and Grandpa Bramlitt’s children were represented except for Aunt Bertha Lou Onsby. Their only living child is Jimmie Fay Doss, but she did not feel like coming. Her two children were present though. We thank David Bramlitt, who works hard each year to make our reunion a success. Even his granddaughter Layla Bramlitt was mopping the floor!
Paul, Nancy, and Lauren Keel of Courtland spent Saturday night with Patsy and Richard Ellis and Jacob Keel.
Uncle Dwight Hellums has been to various doctors three times the last two weeks for regular check-ups. All the reports have been good, for which we are all very thankful.
It was good to see Judy Scarbrough at church Sunday. She has been having some health issues, but we hope that all is looking up for her now.
I hope all of you will have a wonderful week!
Pleasant Hill Bible school commencement was Sunday night. The Bible school was a great success. A total of 113 was enrolled. There were two professions of faith.
Friday afternoon a storm came through Calhoun County, blew down tress, damaged houses, and caused power outages throughout the county. We are thankful no one was injured.
Happy birthday wishes to: Reginald Brand, Theresa Bailey, Dr. Ray Teas, Marjorie Brand, Robyn Doler, Richmond Hubbard, Chris McGonagill.
Happy anniversary to Jerry and Debbie Vaughn, Randy and Emma Hubbard.
Father’s Day and Baptist Men’s Day is Sunday, June 21. We will have a potluck lunch following our service to honor Doug Denton. Stay, eat and enjoy our fellowship with Doug before his deployment in July. We will not have evening services on the 21st.
Johnny Easley spent the weekend with Price and Diane Easley.
Bill Harrison, of Columbus Ohio, came by the store Friday to tell me how enjoyed the Pleasant Hill News. Bill, I am sorry I was not there. Thank you for coming by.
Robert Brand got a good report from his doctor last week.
Dan and Bertha Jean Aston of Lousville, spent Saturday night with Mary Lou Brand, and attend the Oak Springs memorial Sunday.
Janet Doler is in Baptist Memorial, Oxford. She was added to Pleasant Hill prayer list Sunday. Continue to pray for Megan Cannon, Shirley Goodson, Peggy Parvin, Robert Tedder, Mrs. Mary Lee, Dorothy Nell Hill Howell, Erma Jewell Murphree, revival July 19-24.
A tree blew down during the storm Friday afternoon in Melba Cannon’s yard. She was thankful it did not fall on her house.
Gas prices are on the rise, just in time for vacation. I have heard many families say they would not get to go on vacation this year, because of the economy.
Due to the storm that came through Friday afternoon, a lot of the flowers were blown from the graves in Pleasant Hill Cemetery. They were all picked up and stored. Contact Wayne Little if your flowers were blown away.
We are very thankful for the help we had at Bible school last week; the young and old, men and women. Thank you so much! Please continue to encourage and reach out to those families who brought their children and do not attend a church regularly.
We went without rain for a while, but I think we have caught up. The storms this weekend were bad but could have been worse. Thank God they weren’t.
Our week here started with Sunday school with Lee and Jimmy Hubbard. Joe Tallent and Bro. Benefield of Sarepta Baptist Church held afternoon services.
On Monday we had bingo in the morning. At 2:00 we had homemade ice cream. It was vanilla and banana. It was delicious.
Tuesday morning we had laughter and exercise. At 1p.m. Nick “the one-man band” performed. We all had a ball. Ms. Jan Barber keeps all the ladies nails looking good.
Wednesday morning the pink ladies were here for bingo. Bro. Steve Holiday was here for services. Ms. Martha Leachman played the piano.
Jane had inspirational reading Thursday morning. Bro. Jeff Lee came for Bible study. A new game was played in the afternoon, penny pitch. You have a big board made from different colored construction paper. Prizes are placed on each piece. You throw your penny at the prize you want. If you hit the square you get the prize. It was great fun. Everyone got some good snacks.
Friday morning it was bingo. Ms. Vara Nabors and Ms. Faye Campbell were here helping. We appreciate them very much. Watermelon and cantaloupe was served at 2 p.m. All enjoyed the melons.
We were proud to have our cookbook featured in “Today in Mississippi.” We have sold almost all our books. We also have our candles to sell. We are adding more to our courtyard. We have planted four planters with knock-out roses and added another table. We thank all of you who have helped make this possible.
Until next time, God bless you.
Visitor’s list
Ms. Mildred Batson was visited by Robbie Hardin. Mrs. Alene Bowles visitors were Ann Malone and Codi Lee. Mrs. Ova Brown was visited by family. Ovie Carr’s visitors were: Becky Lee, Lois Cmap, Codi Lee. Arelee Chambers was visited by Elois Turner. Ms. Pauline Chapman’s visitors were David Magness, Jim and Judy Magness, Teresa and Mary Lee, Faye Snyder, Angela Coker, Mike Ramey. Mrs. Elizabeth Covington was visited by Linda and Harold Ward. Mrs. Clemmie Crew’s visitors were Maxine Mooneyham and Charlcye Weeks.
Nellis Davis’ visitors were Roy Davis, Sara Quillen, Rabon and Jo Gullick and Lattrice. Ms. Gertie Dean’s visitors were Linda Tedford, JoAnn Garrett, Elizabeth Clanton. Mrs. Maggie Denley’s visitors were JoAnn Denley, Celia Hillhouse and Lisa McNeece. Grady Easley’s visitors were Yvonne Vance, Joyce and Jackie Easley. Mildred Gamble was visited by Sherry Christ. Glennis Harrelson’s visitors were Dwight and Mattye Ruth, Dorothy Harrelson. Mrs. Odean Helms was visited by Erin, Adison and Brenda Biffle. Millard Hughes was visited by Pearline Saxon and Bro. Steve Holliday. Mrs. Mary Kennedy’s visitors were Mary Sutton and Mike Sutton. Ora Jean Kilgore’s visitors were Nell and Pam Pittman. Mrs. Dorothy Ledbetter was visited by Phillip Ledbetter, Patti Ledbetter and Frida Woodcock. Mrs. Opal Massey was visited by Danny and Bailey Massey, Faye Snyder, And and Donna Massey. Bera Miller’s visitor was Thelma Hallman.
Wanda Mitchell was visited by Dot Hardin. Margie Moss was visited by Debbie Musgrove. Ms. Josie Murphree’s visitors were Judy Brown, Bettye Seaman, Mildred Spratlin, Julie Newman, Gene and Brenda West and Bro. Steve Holliday. Ms. Lorene Murphree’s visitors were Candy and Baylee Bay Bollinger, Pearlene Saxon, Cassie Bryant, Lisa Schmitz and Grady Ferguson. Ms. Lillian McGregor’s visitor was Sarah McGregor. Mrs. Mary Overstreet was visited by Betty Heath and Bob Heath. Ms. Fairy Patterson’s visitors were Delores Kellum, Barbara Kellum and David Oliver. Ms. Patricia Turner was visited by Sherry Turner, Betty Turner, Patti and Aubrey Hughes.
Ms. Tula Vance was visited by Andy Reid, Beverly Ruth, Janna Turner and Judy Brugess. Ms. Etta Wells’ visitors were Ken and Kay Bray, Bradley, Charlie and Lora Leigh Bray, Ouida Marshall, Billy Wells. Virgie Wilson was visited by Sherry Turner and Betty Turner. Ms. Ruby Winter’s visitors were Lennon White, Gwin Winter and Peggy Cowsert. Ms. Ellie Young was visited by family.
Kaye McCormick and Maxine Cain visited with Clemmie Crew, Odean Daniel, Lora Cook, Myrtle Barefield, Opal Massey and Ms. Ellie Young. Mary Lou Brand and Mary G. Lee visited Wanda Mitchell, Jan Barber, Pauline Chapman, Grady Easley and Faye McComb. Ruthie Caroll visited several residents.
Shame on me. I did not go to church Sunday morning and Sunday night. I know they had good church attendance at both services. Bro. Harrelson brought two good messages.
Vara Nabors attended the Sartin reunion Saturday at the community building. Then she attended Nick Tunnell’s birthday party at the park later in the afternoon.
Vara and Faye Campbell visited the patient at the Bruce nursing center last Friday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Sartin and son from Dade City, Fla., visited us for a little while Saturday afternoon.
A large crowd attended the Sartin reunion Saturday.
Wayne and Nora Green attended the singing at Gore Springs Saturday night.
A good Monday morning to one and all. Hope everyone is well and happy and enjoying this warm and wet weather around here. It really came a down pour around here just as we started to church yesterday. But we had a pretty fair crowd – welcome visitors. I reckon next Sunday is Father’s Day and our regular third Sunday meal. Bring your favorite dish and join us.
Bro. Robert did a real good job on his message Sunday. I think he is seeing his doctor for a check-up today.
Maxine Shinall is in a nursing home at Eupora. We hope she can soon be improved, as well as others.
Aunt Erlene Bullard had a fall last week. No bones broken, but she’s pretty sore. She’s living with her daughter, Ora Jean Sharpe, at Calhoun City.
Wayne and Nora Green attended singing at Gore Springs Saturday night.
Bobby and June Sexton attended the Davidson reunion at Bruce community building Sunday.
I am glad that we all survived the bad weather over the weekend, especially Friday night. There were lots of trees blown down and limbs and leaves were everywhere. I heard that some of the people at the Relay for Life rally got pretty scared. I am thankful that no one was hurt.
Happy Anniversary this week to John and Shelia Crump on the 14th and Hayden and Sue Martin on the 18th.
Cameron Clarke played golf at Mississippi State Monday in the Coca Cola Tour. In the group of seven players, ages 10-11, Cameron placed second. Congratulations, Cameron. Later today, we got word that Cameron had a four-wheeler wreck at his Grandmother Clarke’s house in West Point. He was taken to West Point hospital and then transferred to Le Bonheur in Memphis for observation. Keep Allan, Tiffany, Sheila , Larry, Niki and all his family in your thoughts and prayers. He was pretty banged up with several broken bones and possible a mild concussion.
CeCe Clarke and Colbin Necaise attended Bible School at Bruce First Baptist Church last week. Sunday Night was commencement and everyone reported an enjoyable time. It was reported that Laura Wells Brower does an excellent job with the youth and their activities.
Ruth Chrestman celebrated her 87th birthday June 15. Helping her eat cake and ice cream were: Tiffany, Allan, Cameron and CeCe Clarke; Niki, Colbin, Cane and Coby Necaise; Larry and Sheila Winter; Martha Clarke; Sherry Kirby; Clarice Spradling; Gerald, Cindy, Jayla and Jessie Hubbard; Van and Fran Russell; Squeaky and Robin James; Jim, Sue and Jodee Gore; Linda Nell and William Price Wright; Sarah Moore; Roger, Lori, Savannah and Lowry Moore; and Patsy Johnson. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Ruth. We all hope you have many more.
Christine Kisner visited with Minnie Lou and Nonie Franklin Tuesday. Minnie Lou attended the Relay For Life dinner at the Multipurpose Building with her sister Sarah Nickels, Maben, and Sarah’s husband Charles Tuesday. Minnie Lou is a 40-year cancer survivor, and Sarah has been cancer-free for a number of years. For this, their immediate and extended families are truly grateful.
Minnie Lou’s sister Geneva McCafferty, Starkville, and Geneva’s daughter Renee Freebury, Randolph, stopped by to see the Franklins Thursday. They had a whopping good time, as Nonie tends to like to play jokes on Geneva, who thankfully, is a good sport.
Sarah and Charles stopped by Minnie Lou’s Friday, prior to their attending the Relay For Life ceremony on the Bruce Square. Unfortunately, the weather proved to be quite a problem.
Darlene Pettit teamed with Nonie Saturday night against Minnie Lou and the sometimes cagey and card-smart Jimmy in a heated Rook Tournament. Y’all can probably assume who the winners were, and if you can’t, that’s okay too.
The Jack and Essie Doss annual family reunion was held Sunday at the Multipurpose Building. Several attended, and most everyone had way too much to eat, and a great time. Minnie Lou’s brother Raymond Doss and his wife Nora spent a little time at her house prior to the reunion. Following the reunion, Jamie Gable, his wife Fran, and their son Alex spent the afternoon with Minnie Lou, Jimmy, Nonie, and their dog squad. Alex and Nonie had a great time discussing dogs, as both are canine lovers.
Also visiting Minnie Lou and family Sunday afternoon was her youngest son Heath Franklin and his wife DeeAnn’s adorable puppy, Casper. Heath celebrated a birthday on June 13. I’ll just say that Heath is considerably younger than brother Jimmy.
Nonie noticed at the Doss Family Reunion that Jimmy’s great nephew, Reed Gregory, was a good bit taller than Jimmy. Reed is also way past considerably younger than Jimmy. Some people shrink with age.
Nonie would like to send a shout out to Jettie Pettit and Cathy Doss, Bruce, for their interest in her amp”rescuedamp” shih tzu, Lucky. Cathy told Nonie that she wouldn’t mind having a little dog herself. Lucky has almost quadrupled in weight, and has bypassed poodle sister Sophie in size. Sophie, according to her last vetenarian visit, is a little overweight. She still is intolerant of Lucky, but he seems to love her anyway.
Hayden Martin is still in Intensive Care at the Oxford hospital. Please pray for Hayden, Sue, Sandra and Rick. Hayden is very sick at this time.
Mrs. Bertha Casey is improving and is still in the hospital at Oxford. She had surgery last week, and Shelia said that she is doing better. Shelia and John went to Olive Branch to help Trip celebrate his first birthday; and then Sunday, the Casey reunion was held in the activities building behind the Pittsboro Baptist Church, which they also attended.
I talked to Mrs. Lanita Murphree, and she said they had a good time at the Casey reunion, with lots of good food. Her grandson, Dalton Russell’s picture was in the Tupelo paper in a report about the play in which he is performing. I believe it is amp”The Music Man Jr.amp”
Fred and Debbie Bullard are looking forward to having Gary, Jeri, Will and Jake from Brandon visit with them this week. The Easley clan are all meeting at Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Easley’s old home on East Main. Holly Easley has been busy renovating the old house, and they are all planning to meet there for supper Monday night. There is usually a bunch of them when they all get together.
All of us here at the courthouse are keeping Megan Cannon in our prayers. Martha Cannon, her grandmother, works in the Chancery Clerk’s office. The report we got today was a little more optimistic. She is still in a coma, but seems to hear voices. Also, the nurses sat her up in a amp”stroke chairamp” and she moved her feet a little. It will just take time for her brain and body to heal.
The senior luncheon has been postponed to June 24.
Sympathy to the Max McKibben family. Mr. McKibben had been very sick with heart trouble. I know he will be missed greatly by Mike, Gail, Dusty, Randi and Molly Katherine McKibben. His children and especially his grandchildren were his pride and joy.
Maybe this next week will be better weather-wise and we will miss some of the storms. Have a safe week.

Mack Spencer

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