Sunday sales poll gets silent treatment

TUPELO – An informal survey shows that more residents support Sunday alcohol sales than are willing to admit – at least, on the record.
Of the roughly two dozen people approached for interviews Monday, only about half agreed to talk to the Daily Journal. The others mostly said they support Sunday alcohol sales but don’t want the public to know – including a man who initially spoke but later recanted after his wife talked him out of it.
No names, no interviews, no thank you.
Everyone else approached either opposes Sunday sales or they apparently don’t care what the public thinks.
“I’m for it, because sometimes I go to Memphis for beer,” said Elena Lopez, who also noted that she misses being able to celebrate when her birthday falls on a Sunday.
The interviews come just days after the Starkville Board of Aldermen approved Sunday alcohol sales in restaurants and clubs and after Columbus City Council members said they’d like to consider a similar measure.
Tupelo currently doesn’t allow any Sunday beer, wine or liquor sales; they are legal on the other six days of the week. The City Council last considered the issue in 2002 and voted it down.
But residents Joe Wheeler and Louis Spicer both believe it will be approved here sooner or later, so officials might as well do it now.
“I’d rather people not drink at all, but if they’re going to do it all around you, what’s the advantage for Tupelo not to do it?” said Spicer. “People will just go next door to drink.”
Also in support is Summer Ritch, who said people are responsible with alcohol Monday through Saturday, so it should be no different Sunday.
Avery Brannigan, James Cowley and Cynthia Alonzo said they don’t care either way.
“I don’t drink,” Cowley said, “but if people want to sell it, I don’t have nothing against it.”
Debra Hester and Mary Broadway, however, don’t want Sunday alcohol sales. For Hester, it’s an issue of religion and observing the Lord’s day. For Broadway, it’s that and more.
“I want the best for the children,” Broadway said. “They don’t need the influence. There should be one day when you can take your children to a restaurant when it’s not thrown in their face.”

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