Supreme Court says no to McDaniel hearing



By Bobby Harrison

Daily Journal Jackson Bureau

JACKSON – The Mississippi Supreme Court declined Thursday to give a hearing to Chris McDaniel, who lost the June 24 Republican primary runoff to incumbent Thad Cochran.

McDaniel had requested a hearing before the full court after it ruled last week that his campaign could not have access to personal information, such as voters’ dates of birth, during an examination of data from the June 24 election.

Justices David Chandler, James Kitchens and Michael Randolph said they would have granted the hearing.

“Assuring the integrity of the electoral process is a matter of the highest priority and implicates the fundamental rights of all Mississippians,” they wrote in a dissent. “… These issues deserve the full and focused attention of this Court.”

Justices Jess Dickinson and Randy G. Pierce did not participate, meaning the four who chose not to hold a hearing were Chief Justice William Waller Jr., Ann Hannaford Lamar, Leslie King and Josiah Dennis Coleman.

McDaniel, who has been examining election data across the state after losing the June 24 runoff to Cochran by 7,667 votes out of the 392,197 cast statewide, had filed emergency orders against multiple county circuit clerks, claiming he should be given access to the personal information contained in the poll books. Plus, the campaign has argued that circuit clerks should not be allowed to charge his campaign to have the personal information redacted.

After the state’s highest court ruled against his request last week, he sought oral arguments before the entire body.

While McDaniel lost in state court, True the Vote, a Texas-based conservative group that says it is trying to stop voter fraud, is arguing many of the same issues in federal court. A hearing was held Thursday in federal court in Jackson.

McDaniel’s attorneys say the information in the poll books, such as a voter’s birthday, is needed for the planned legal challenge because multiple voters in a county might have the same name.

But Attorney General Jim Hood, who submitted a written argument before the Supreme Court claiming McDaniel should not have access to the personal information, said people with the same last name could be distinguished by the individual voter number each registered voter receives.

People affiliated with the McDaniel campaign have indicated for weeks that a challenge is likely. They allege a number of issues, ranging from people who voted in the June 3 Democratic primary ineligibly voting in the June 24 runoff, to voter fraud.

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  • countrydawg

    Poor guy. Now he’s gonna have to give up that sweet campaign RV and reassume his “backbench nobody authoring irrelevant legislation” status in the state senate. /pours one out

    Barreling down this futile path against the circuit clerks and, through the Fed act case against the GOP itself, and the SoS, is that he wants scapegoats to blame when he either does not file a challenge or loses it for lack of evidence. He and his supporters will blame it on lack of access to the DOB info, even though there is a unique number for every voter and it makes no sense. No matter. His not-so-bright following/conspiracy theorists will buy it. This is all about McDaniel finding a way to excuse and save face with his gullible following.

    Fear not, McDaniel cultists. Chris can probably get the state to commission some Gadsden Flag license plates with “DON’T LAUGH AT ME” printed on them. An excellent use for that $50 you “donated” if it didn’t go towards anointing oil or prayer cloths.

    • somyakomya

      Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

    • 1941641

      “Tea Pot Cultists” What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nothing!

  • Charles Reid

    McDaniel is no constitutional conservative by asking for voters personal information including birth dates. True the Vote, an outside Texas group, wants voters social security numbers. If such information was not protected by the Courts, how would voters be protected from identity fraud and misuse of their personal information.

    • 1941641

      I smell a couple of rats in this entire Tea Pot campaign debacle. One is “McDaniel” himself, the other is “True the Vote,” a Texas Group snooping around in Mississippians’ private lives where they aren’t legally allowed to snoop! Their motto is probably “Don’t Mess With Texas” our Motto is “Don’t Tread On Mississippi Because We Will Counter-tread On You.” “And with Gusto!”

    • Thile

      Screw the Vote withdrew the SSNs stuff from their latest motion, but there was no way a court would allow them that. Maybe they were gonna open up some credit cards in our names to pay for their lawsuits. For liberty, of course.

  • charlie

    If he gets your birthday, he will want your social security number next. It makes no sense unless he is planing on selling that information to identity thieves. He certainly doesn’t need it for checking voter fraud. Besides, he has publicly said that he has already found thousands of illegal voters. Why not show the people a few?

    • AwakenNow

      Social Security numbers are N O T on Voter Poll Rolls or Books. The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) requires requires disclosure of birthdates. NVRA 42 U.S.C. §§1973gg.

      • charlie

        A teapot never lets facts get in the way.